Quotes added on Wednesday, September 15 2004

Life without you is like not takeing a breath.But the funny thing is i still live when you take mine away.

Original... <3 Sami ILJ!<3
("If I'm already screwed/here's my message to you")

paris hiltons new song screwed! i love paris!
sometimes u get faced with desicions that could effect ur whole life and those are the desicions people walk away from because there afraid of how it will turn out ...
x0x wHeN lIfE gIvEs yOu bUmPy hAiR gEt a sTrAiGhTeNeR x0x
x0x wHeN lIfE gIvEs yOu lEmOnS...RuN a lEmOnAdE sTanD x0x
You are Never given the ability to wish without getting
The ability to make it come true.. «- (|[ Mickey Mouse ]|)

^ Lines up in Arial, Size 8 !

Enjoy <3
Love is Pain and Pain is Love
LiL fLiP
CLevER arEN't yOU? as IF thE LitTLe yELloW PapER diDN't gIVe iT AwaY! BbL...lEaVe OnE..

stOp pretending . stop acting like my friend and
stop acting like you care cuz i know you really dont
and stop saying that you'll do things cuz i know you
really wont. quit the lies cuz im not buying them
im done with you , so dont pretend << its not a good
thing to back stab your friend >>

omg sO copyright me dOnt copy it pleasee.its one of my best quotes PLEASE DONT COPY =| fOr all of you that dont copy copyrighted work..thanks a lot..it really means a lot that there actually are people out there who care and listen
xO stephh xOx proz..
     _ ---- _
  /##|       \ 
 /###|     |  \__
|####|            \
|####|             |o  
 \####/       _ _ /
  \###      /
   /         \
   |   |_     \
   \___/      |
    \         /
   _|   | | __
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