Quotes added on Thursday, September 16 2004

Baby, can`t you see, I`m thirsty / A drink like you should have a
Warning- You're dangerous your exploding / There's no escape
Once it pops + fizzes it begins to over flow / It`s beyond control
((It`s dangerous I'm loving it)) Too dry- don`t wanna dehydrate..
Gimee some pop I need it now / With the taste of the pop in my `
Mouth it's tonic, I'm sipping soda / I'm addicted to soda; don't you
It's really tonic / It's way to hard to give it up-I take a sip from my
Tonic Cup ... Slowly it`s taking over me. / Too dry ; don`t wanna
Dehydrate, gimee Some pop I want it now / With the taste of the
Pop in my mouth it`s tonic I'm sipping soda / I`m addicted to soda
Don`t you know it`s really tonic? / I love how it tastes don`t you'
Know it`s really tonic / Intonicate me now.. Flippy Spears*Tonic
^ A song me & Flippy made up about soda. Sing to Toxic melody

.. Lmao

Enjoy <3
you may not want me..
you may not care...
but i spend my days...
wishin u wer there..
you mean the world to me..
and so much more...
i just wish things wer like b4...
do you remember the way...
i fit perfectly into your arms..
i miss ur sweet n funny charm..
the way u smile makes my heart fly...
i wish you never said good bye..
you may not notice..
but i no its true...
the only thing i want nemore...
its just to b with u....

DeDiCaTeD!.. </3

(c) NiKKi CoLeY x0x
nO qUy iiS woRth yOuR teArs x---
aNd whEn yOu fiNd thAt oNe bOii
—x hE`ll nEvA mAke yOu crY <|3

use and abuse

x0x`` cR i St i Na

im me sometyme at soccerbella11
*..never was and never will be..*
*..you dont know how you betrayed me..*
*..and some how youve got everybody fooled..*
*..You had me
You lost me
You're wasted
You cost me
I don't want you here messing with my mind
I've realized in time
that my eyes are not blind
I've seen it before
I'm taking back my life..*
*..All my life I've been sorry for something
Something gets me nothing and nothings such a waste
All this time I've been sayin I'm sorry
But why should I be sorry for all of your mistakes..*

everything i submit is 100% original so dont call it your own!!!
YoU kNoW yOu WaNt Me..*
CaLL iF yOu NeEd Me -> YuR #..*

yUr NAmE HeRe*
.:.I don't want no scrub
A scrub is a guy that can't get no love from me
Hanging out the passenger side
Of his best friend's ride
Trying to holler at me
I don't want no scrub.:.
Talking for hours
Parents screaming, "get off the phone!"
Laughing at nothing
ASking, "whats wrong?"
Inside jokes,
Remember whens
We're always gonna be
b e s t f r i e n d s

m.c.a.m.e.h.l.j.m... i love yall soo f***in much!!

Madz, Carma, Abbzy, Marbear, Emo, Hilster, Livi, Jenio, and Megga... <3 forever
I w i l l LoVe you f.o.r.e.v.e.r

Cameron- i lvoe you more than life itself, you're amazing! thnx baby, for everything!! i love you!

first guy to have my heart, always has my heart <33

loveyousomuch<3333 jen
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