Quotes added on Saturday, September 18 2004

You are the butter on my toast
You are the stars in my sky
You are the gurl who never left my side
- * the only love i ever knew * -
- * i threw it all away * -

t o r i <33
- i took it from an icon - soo take it if you want -
..So what's the craziest thing you've done lately?..

-the girl next door
*{These Are My Confessions}*
/I love you\
/Even if\
/You Don't\

soccersocr soccersoccer
soccersocr soccersoccer
soccersocr soccersoccer
socr soccersocr soccersoccer
soccer soccersocr soccersoccer
soccerso soccersocr soccersoccer
soccersocr soccersocr soccersoccer < adidas..{all day i dream about soccer}
        soccersocr  soccersoccer
         soccersocr  soccersoccer
          soccersocr  soccersoccer
     socr  soccersocr  soccersoccer
    soccer  soccersocr  soccersoccer
   soccerso  soccersocr  soccersoccer
  soccersocr  soccersocr  soccersoccer < adidas..{all day i dream about soccer}
Baby It's You

::dRiA<33 143 Matt
(¯`×.And I won't
F0rget The Way
You Loved Me x´¯)

::dRia<33...143 Matt
if only you knew how you look through my eyes .....*p|e|r|f|e|c|t*

¦:¦ You`re 3verything I w a n t |:|
|¦| You`re 3verything I n e e d |¦|
¦|¦ If I had you 3verything would be ¦|¦
|:| C o m p l e t e |:|

©Made it Take it©
Wht u think its
there for??

Lines up in arial size 8

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