Quotes added on Sunday, September 19 2004

i jUst leArnEd that '*'happily~ever~after'*' could mean until 2marrOw, >fairy< tAlEs arEn't ALWAYS tro0, and lUv wonT ((alWayZ)) prEvaiL..

(c) ::cOUrtNey::
...you could start by loving me...

(c) ::cOurTney::
buRy mE iN yOUr arMs
cArrY mE thRough thIs pAiN
LoVe mE aLl yOu wAnT
pLz dOnt PlaY nO gAmEs
fOreVer aNd alWaYs
We WIlL stAy
And then a hero comes along...
With the strength to carry on...
And you caste your fears aside...
And you know you can survive.

]]*dRiA... i luv u matt
I'll alwaysz remember *
It wasz late afternoon`
It laszted [[forever]]
And ended so *soon*
You were all by yourself`
.Staring up at a dark gray skyy.
I wasz .[[cHaNgEd]].
In placesz no*one will find*
*[All your feelingsz so deep inside]*
It wasz now that I .:(rEaLiZeD):.
That fOrEvEr wasz in your eyesz`
*[[The moment I saw you cRy]]*

-* Take it if you want, or IM me OxTaiNt3dLoVexO
-* Cry* by Mandy Moore
I give you my [destiny]*
I'm giving you all of me`
[[I want your symphony]]*
Singing in aLL thAt I aM`
(At the top of my lungsz)
[[I would give aNyThInG]]
So I lay my head back down*
And I lift my hands andd pray'
To be **[[OnLy YoUrS]]**
I pRaY, to be |oNlY yOuRs|
I kno now your my [[OnLy hOpE]]

`Only Hope`
put "all of me" in italics, "I would give anything" and "OnLy hOpE" in bold, looks cute.
"you never really understand a person...until you climb into his skin and walk around in it.."
-To Kill A Mockingbird

EnJoY :)

Love Ya!!!



aim s/n Butterflykizes08
Wanna feel the warm breeze
Sleep under a palm tree
Feel the rush of the ocean.
.B r e a k a w a y.

editsz :
put the w0rdz in black
feel - sleep - rush : in piink
warm breeze : b0ld
palm tree : iitalicz
the ocean : undErline.

<3 cheryl
Thru it all
I'll be strong
I'll find the strength
To carry on
But you should know
Behind the smiles,
There are tears
And behind the makeup,
There are fears

When i heard those words "we should just be friends", that's when my world started to end.

Derek... still in love :-(

from the heart of Livi....
-Liv and Jen-
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