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~*| wHeN i sAw u |*~
~*|i lOoKeD aT u |*~
~*|anD sAId wErE |*~
~*| {[pErFeCt]} |*~

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A friend is suppose to be there for u not be against u!! a friend helps set the rules and does not tell u that u should do this or that....they can give an oppion....or thier thought!!! that is what friends are for!!!
Huggin leads to kissin, kissin leads to feeling,
feeling leads to lickin, lickin leads to suckin, suckin leads to F!@#$ng, wanna hug???

it was made by brooke im me at XoBaByPhAt28639oX or XoLiL mAmI2869oX
You're the thought that starts each morning,
the conclusion to each day.
You are in all that i do,
and everthing i say.
You're the hand that's laced in mine,
and the coat upon my back.
My friend, my love,
my shoulder to lean on.
You're my silly, mature, caring
thoughtful, bright and honest guy.
The one who holds me tigthly,
when i need to cry.
You're the dimple in my cheek,
the ever-constant tingle in my soul.
The voice that makes me weak,
the happines of my life.
You're all I've wanted,
You're all I need,
You're all I've dreamed of,
You are all this to me.
-Melissa Collette
*U n f o r g e t t a b l e days spent together. Swinging on swings and tickling each other. Times you r e m e m b e r and laugh about when you're bored. Sitting, talking, holding each other, never wanting to l e t g o. Stupid little arguements about who loves who m o r e. The times you adore. Everyday, your love growing stronger and stronger. You never want the feeling to end. That is what I call t r u e love that will n e v e r end.*
sleepovers and long Walks
Times at the pool & boy talks
football games ; weird names
many quotes & passing notes
like they say .. we will stay
Say yes or say no
cuz I really need someone
just tell me....are you that someone.
If you are just stay
But if you arent just walk away.
I`m lovinq everythinq.. his loveable personality ;
His cute little comments ; the way he makes me
Smile and the way he knows how to qet to my
(|[ H e a r t ]|) «- 9*19*2OO4 -» <3 iLy ! `'

*NoTe* -» wHeRe tHe DaTe iS pUt tHe DaTe yOu sTaRtEd gOiNg oUt

^ Lines up in Arial, Size 8

Enjoy <3
we D.R.I.N.K *water*
we get H.I.G.H off *chlorine*
we .S.M.O.K.E. our *opponents*
and we're .A.D.D.I.C.T.E.D. to *speed*

*Kenwest Blue DevilS.

--Not taking Credit--

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