Quotes added on Thursday, September 23 2004

grl u think u got it all
but u dont
and i do
so BOOM with that atttitude
reeses pecies 7 up mess with me
i'll beet u up

i say i "i luv you"...you say "i hate you"...when i go to kiss you...you say "i don't miss you"...when i say "y do you hate me?"...you say "cuz you played me!"

its gay i kno but w/e...its sumthing...im me on lilpunkstrbry...im on!
im waiting for something thats taking too long, even though its right around the corner my steps are too small for me to get there and i cant change a thing about it...

its some of one of my old quotes but i edited it.. :)
knowing that i can have everything besides you, sucks!
i wish on the rains drops when they come down my face, wishing taht your love with her could only erase, i wish you wanted me and only me, but i guess that just a wish that could never be.
[][}*[] []*[]\\ []*[]//*  
[]   []_[] [] \\[] []\\

i hope it came out good.. boy it's sexiness haha hope ya like!!
-->I dono about yall but i dono about us..
And Uh... This the only way we know
--How to Rockkk--

woooorddd gangseter

(1)Megggyyy im me Megsaqt69
*<<* ThErEs aLwAyS tHaT oNe PeRsOn ThAt WiLl AlWaYs HaVe YoUr HeArT..yOu NeVeR sEe It CoMiNg CaUsE yOuRe BlInDeD fRoM tHe StArT..kNoW tHaT yOuRe ThAt OnE fOr Me..ItS cLeAr FoR eVeRyOnE tO sEe..Oh BaBy YoU wIlL aLwAyS bE mY bOo *>>*


I lOvE yOu BrIaN
Babii Boii when u lo0ok at meh iTs as if i*m stranded all alone in da middle of da sea. yOu make meh wanna spend everii daii of mah liife by ur side. Boii u have no0o idea wut i*m feeliin insiide! i*m thiinkin posiitive riite now by thiinkin dat maybee we*ll have a chance, but let meh tell yOu dat i aiin*t gunna b satiisfied wit just one glance. nOw dat i*ve toLd u hOw i feel, babii boii its ur turn to deciide whether wut i*m sayiin wiiLl soon b rEaL.

*..Just maDe thiS oNe up..u caN uSe it if u wanNa. JuSt doN*r taKe da credit..*
never kisS guYys With eiiS of brRown <3 they`lL kisS yoU oNce theNn leT yOoh dowNn
dontT kiSs guySs wIth Eiis of gReEn <3 they`Ll kIss yOoh Once thenn maKke yoOh screaMm
aLwaiis KisS gUuys wiTh eiIs of Blue <3 they`ll kisS yOoh oNnce anDd aLwaiisS staYy trUe

`xo looks cute in pink arial size 8
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