Quotes added on Friday, September 24 2004

~* i kNo my Big browN eyeS got yA *~
--> h y P n o t i Z e d <--

looks good in arial 8 pt. with a black background and pink writing !
takin creditt... use if u wanNa
love is when you see a person and you get a
weird feeling in your belly
love is when your around that person your heart turns to jelly
you know love is true when you'd give anything for 10 minutes with that special someone
and youd tarvel around the earth and sun
love is one of the best feelings you will e v e r feel
love is something you can not steal
but love can also h u r t real bad
or make you feel so sad
it hurts when someone doesnt love you back
and it hurts when the special things you do dont mean j a c k
so before you fall to hard, make sure your love is true
and you love them and they love y o u

- made it myself... use if u wanna... its pretty cute in trebucant MS purple n pink ... profile or away message !
this pain is getting to much to bear
it seems like its always been there
as tears stream down my face and blood drips down my wrist... it s t a y s
after all of these painful days
i wish this horrible feeling would go away
just for one day i wanna be okay
i smile to hide everything im going through
i dont kno what else to do
even when i wana break down and cry
or lay in my bed and just die
i just try to smile and hide it all
keep my head up and walk t a L L </3

im taking full credit...1o0% made by me but feel free to use n abuse =)
I tried to ask you to your face
But no words came out.
I put on my hood and walked away,
That doesn't mean I don't like you.

And besides,
you're probably holding hands
with some skinny, pretty girl
that likes to talk about bands.
Knowing that you’re always there.
Knowing that you’ll always care
Reasures me of your ways.
Boy I miss you everyday.
Sadness sometimes overtakes me
But one day you have to wake me
And come home for just one day
And reassure me your l*o*v*i*n*g* w*a*y*s
FaTe FeLl ShOrT tHiS tImE
yOuR sMiLe FaDeS iN tHe SuMmEr
PlAcE yOuR hAnD iN mInE
i'Ll LeAvE wHeN i WaNna
late night drives
all alone in my car
i can't help but start
singing lines from all our favorite songs

and melody's in the air
singing life just ain't fair
sometime i just can't believe you're gone
so far away
~*+*BrUnEtTeZ*+*~ can shop AND talk at the SAME time!!!

-->i saw it on an abercrombie shirt!!!!
just wanted to say
this heartbreaks to much
and these feelings inside
are beginning to be to much to hide
im so sorry i cant be perfect like you
that i love you so much and you dont give a damn
just breaks my heart
but ive broken it with my own hands
always knew the moment that i loved you
would be the day that my life would end
when people say i love you
what does it really mean?
after dating someone for a week
i mean, really your just a teen.
saying i love you
to someone you harldy know
just shows how stupid you are
or maybe you're just a dumb hoe
but think about the meaning
the next time you say "i love you"
do you really want to stay with this person for the rest of your life?
or are you just another careless kid
who only says i love you
and thats it.
you may think you mean it
but chances are you don't
try not to break someone apart
by saying 3 words
because those 3 words
can easily crush a heart.</3

** being completely serious here. i saw a quote on here and i said
"I love you so much Andrew 9*10*04!!"
ok, well s of right now, its september 24th, and this person is assuming that they have fallen in love with a guy in 14 days. thats 2 weeks. 2 weeks and you LOVE some one. seriously, you don't know what love means. just think about it next time. think about 'do i really love this guy/girl, or am i just saying it to feel good about myself that i have a boyfriend/girlfriend?' just trying to make a point here. kids these days... **
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