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try that website out...and post you problem w/ a friend if you have one and she will try to give you the best advice...well have a great day...

God Bless!!

Visit this website if your having issues w/ your love life and post it on the board...She will give you the best advice she can..Have a one!

God Bless!!

Go to this website and post your problem on the board for great advice on just about anything that is going wrong!...She'll help you as much as she can..have a good one!

God Bless!!

visit this website and post your problem on the board and she will do her best to give you the best advice she can on your relationships or anything that your having issues w/ in life right now...have a good one!

God Bless
/x/ wHeN yOuR haVin A baY dAy thErE thErE foR yOU
\o\ wHeN yOuR boY fRieNd dUmpS yOU
/x/ wHEN YoUr tAlKIng To hIm uR gUrLzZ aRe tHeRe
\o\ wHeN yOur sItTiN On yOur bEd cRiNg thErE sItTInG wIth yOu to
/x/ wHeN yOur havIng a bAd dAY thEY maKE it bEtTeR
\o\ mE gUrLzZ i lOvE yOu (( yOur guRlZ iN heRe))

im me for more of my work xhotpink4xo
Once there was a man moving to Florida from Illinois. His wife would meet him there the next day. He sent her an e-mail but spelled the address wrong and ended up going to an old lady whos husband recently had passed away. The lady read the message and after fell on the floor dead. The message read
Dearest Wife,
I just got checked in. Everything prepared for your arrival tomorrow.
P.S. Sure is hot down here.
For the last time..
Yes I love you,
No I will never leave you,
Yes I know what you did,
and No, I cant let go.
I criied, He smiled.
and from then on I knew,
everything was going
to be..


^^I wrote that for my best friend.
use if u wantt
.:As i look into your eyes:.
.:my knees caved in:.
.:my heart flew away:.
.:my pulse started jumpin:.
.:real hard and fast:.
.:i cant breath now:.
.:for i have fallin:.
.:in l<3ve with yu:.

100% mine take it if yu want .. do what yu want with it
..Sami..<33 and im me at UnshaterdDreAms
Yo mammas so fat, when she sat on a rainbow, out popped skittlez.

LOL! I saw it on a movie. Take it if ya want
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