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Look how pretty she is,
when she falls down..
now there's no beauty in,
bleeding mascara..
lips are quivering,
like a withering rose...<333


^_^ atreyu lyrics - bleeding mascara. yay for atreyu!

IM me if you'd like. VaMPxKiTTy113 :P
Will you still kiss me the same when you taste my victim's blood?

Will you still hold me the same, when you see what I have done?

<33333333 I hope you Choke <33333333
and your hands, they shake, with goodbyes
and i'll take, you back, if you'd have me
so here, i am, i'm trying
so here, i am, are you ready
and i'll miss, your laugh, your smile
i'll admit, i'm wrong, if you'd tell me
i'm so sick, of fights, i hate them
lets start this, again, for real
I <3 his name <3's me!!!

im me >>sktrgirl987
You'r lipstick, his collar.. don't bother Angel, I know exactly what
goes on. When everything you'll get is everything that you've'
wanted, princess well which would you prefer, My finger on
the trigger, or me face down across you'r floor, Well just so long'
as this thing's loaded ...

And will you tell all your friends
You'v got your gun to my head
This all was only wishful thinking
Let`s Go ... </3

( looks good writin in Arial ,size 8)

(FIRST PARAGRAPH: when you make the "o" in "dont" (first sentence) bold, also the "e" in "exactly"(first sentence)bold.also "on" (last word in third sentence) make the "o" bold)

(SECOND PARAGRAPH: in the thrid sentence.. the letter "o" in "only" looks good bold!"

Thanks.. IM me!
* . LOve is BlinD...Nd So aM i
fOr bEliEving all thOse lies
yOou sAid you loved me
that you would never leave...
but a b o y f r i e n d you could nOt b...
fOr i didnt see that...for tHat i had to see to believe...
anD i did.......nOw who mUst i run to with all my fEars..
i have no one...for u are not h e r e . *

xO bRitty brAt x3
AIM--> x6crazychipmunk9 IM me sumtym
Party Hard, Lifes a Blast
Everybody Shake It Fast
Rock n Roll To The Beat
Everybody On Their Feet
Dont Be Late, Bring a Date
Ill be ya Barbie, You be my Ken
Were The Class Of 2010
me and you have been together for so long
first bestfriends and then we got closer
dating was fun.. until that day..
when i made a huge mistake <3
i flirted with every guy i met
forgot all about my bOo
and you left me ..
i cant blame you for that
i broke your heart.. and i was the one worryin
about yu hurting me
but i want you back
now only cuz i cant have yu
( { [ y u r a l l i w a n t ] } )
99 TeQuIlA sHoTs
JeSuS lOvEs Me StOnEd Or NoT
dRuGs AnD bAcArDi
We LoVe To PaRtY
gRiNdInG tOgEtHeR
gEtTiNg LaId
PlAy BoY bUnNiIe
mOdEl MaDe
tElL yOuR mOm YoU'lL bE hOmE lAtE
YoU'lL Be WiTh Me FoR GodSkaE
wE WuLd GeT It on lIkE BaRbIe nD KeN
cUz We'Re ThE cLaSs Of (( 2 o 1 o ))
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