Quotes added on Tuesday, September 28 2004

The day i met you.. my life changed the way u make me feel is to hard to explain u make me fall deeper in love everyday you look in my eyes and make it true theres.... no one in the world for me but YOU...

IM me if U like it!
F*uk what i said it dont mean shyt now
F*ck the presents mite as well throw em out
F*ck all those kisses they didnt mean jack
F*ck u u hoe i dont want u back
U dont talk to me U dont look at me U dont even say I love u anymo What da f*ck is wrong with u are we still together?
Its so great to live in a world when theres somone that makes you *smile*
That's cool but I'm lookin for more
its your love that my heart beats for..*<3*

it don't matter what your car is like
And your rims are spinnin on the side
it don't matter where we go tonight
Cuz if I'm with you I'll be all right

Baby Its You - Jojo.
i try so hard to be the girl
that everyone wants to be like
But they have no clue how she
Feels like she's broken inside
setting all the wrong goals
going to a nowhere life..this is
what it feels like, when you've
Been lied to your whole life*
theres always that
[ o. n . e ] person that
will always have::your::
heart «33
Sometimes love is addiction
Sometimes it hurts like hell
It's :.L-I-F-E.:
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