Quotes added on Sunday, October 3 2004

>> woW u wENt out wIth mE <<
>> bUt hAtEd mE hAtEd evErY bIt<<
>> you So cAlEd lOvEd mE fOr mY lOokS<<
>> thATs wHy wHY yOu aSkEd Me out AgAIn i toLd u no<<

hhaah im me for more xhotpink4xo
Life is like a pen
You can cross out your past
But you can never erase it

The dirty looks,
The jealous stares,
The best part is..
You think I care

× ····· o ····· × ····· o ······ ×·
When yOu lOve sOmeOne
theres nOthing yOu can dO
yOu cant cOntrOl yOuR heart
It cOntrOls yOu
·× ····· o ····· × ····· o ······ ×·
         oo     OOOOOOOO:         OOOOOOOO!       
                 oOOOO!!!!!!;;;;O      OO..............:;!O     
                'OOO!!!;;;;;;;;;;O    O...............:      ;!O    
                OOO!!!!;;:::::::::.OO.................:       ;!O   
                OO!!!!!!;;:::::.............................:     ;!O   
                OOO!!!;::::::..............................:   ;!O   
                 OO!!;;::::::..............................:   ;!O    
                              !!;:::::..................O   oo       
                                ;;::::...............O          oo  ,o
                                     :::...........O                 ooo
                                           ::..                      ooooo
((¸.•´`•.¸ )

¸-• •-.¸ ¸.- ••-¸ sometimes,
; \ \ ;
'. / / .' love
`• \ \ .•´
`•.¸/ /¸.•´ stinks.

iF YoU rELLi lOvEd mE u wOUld sAy tO aLL uR gUYs tHeRe sHE iS, HOT aS cAn bE nO1 cAn bEaT hER
WhAtS |[ToMmY]| wiThout |[ChUcKy]|
*( s T e V e )* wiTh . oUt *( b L u E )*
.·´¯`»* Spongebob -WiThOuT- Patrick
thATs mE . w i T h O u T . y O u .·: :·

haha xOx.. Chocolate
I dream of you
Taking me away on a cloud
Us floating away
We get away from everything
Take me away
Let's fly to heaven
I'd fit for floating
Or soaring even
As long as I'm with you
It doesn't matter
We're together and alone
I couldn't be happier
So let's fly to the land
Where everything's perfect
And we walk on the beaches
Hand in hand

*sorry if its bad..need nething IM me -screenname-~~>iloveyou14321 and btw yes, i did get a new posting name..the old one got screwed up*
Let's lay on the truckbed
And look at the stars
Where everything's so close
But yet, so far
Dreaming of the future
And how it's going to be
Where everything is perfect
You and me
Tell all our secrets
Confess all the lies
How you never really wanted
To say goodbye
Listen to the grasshoppers
Chirp the night away
As we can wonder
What they could possibly say
Let's ride on wild horses
And run across the land
Let's leave our trails behind us
With our footprints in the sand

*sorry if its bad..need nething IM me -screenname-~~>iloveyou14321*
_The Perfect One_
You fill my heart
Full of love
And show me what
Dreams are made of
You grasp my hand
And look me in the eyes
You kiss me softly
And all my tears dry
You help me up
And show me the way
I can be with you
And you won't pull away
I look at you
Your brown eyes soothe me
Is this love?
Can this be?
I've found my love
The perfect one
Sitting with me
Watching the setting sun
_______"I love you,too"_______
As I lay asleep in bed
I feel your head against my head
You touch me soft so's not to wake
You open the curtains to show the day
I open my eyes one by one
You show me the glistening sun
Waking me to soft light
As you kept me safe through the night
I love you deeply, this is true
But how am I to tell you
Do you know how I feel
And that all of this is real
I'm drifting off again
How had this ever been
"I love you" I softly say
You look at me in that strange way
But I know it's loving, thats true
You slowly speak, "I love you,too"
_______My Innocence_______
He takes away my innocence
As he sweeps over me
I shake with fear
I close my eyes so I won't see
I can't imagine this happening
What did I do wrong
He's been doing this
For so very long
As I call out
He slaps me hard
I start to sob
I try to imagine myself
Before it all started
I try to imagine
Farther away than far
He takes a deep breath
And then he stops
For my innocence
He's reaching the top
He's winning
I'm losing my strength
I don't know how much
Longer I have 'till I reach
The length
To where I spend my last day
And I can say what I want to say
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