Quotes added on Monday, October 4 2004

Maybe i should listen to everyone
When they say im too good for him
And maybe i should just try to move on
And forget all the hurt and pain he caused
And forget how much i used to mean to him
And how much he ment to me...
But maybe i don't want to listen and forget
Atleast not yet
Will we ever be together again?
Like we were before
When everything was fine
But now...
Whenever you want me...
I don't want you...
Whenever I want you...
You don't want me...
.-,-. - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -.
`·´ ill kiSs u .. if u let me ¦
¦ -- so will you let me? ¦
`·- - - - - - - - - - - - - -»'xOx
Have you ever had a secret that you didn't want to keep

Did you ever dream of things that are way too deep

Have you ever had a heart ache that burned too long

Have you ever felt like you can't move on

Well, either way

Yes or no

Pple still hate me so........

What do I do

To keep from falling in love

with a pimp like you??
-¦-Good Better Best-¦-
-×-never let it rest-×-
-+-til` your good is better-+-
-°-and your better is best.-°-
.-.S o f t b a l l.-.
-:-Live it love it play it-:-

Made it Take It..

Lines up in arial size 8..

Softball`s all sportsmanship..
W/o that you can`t play

Not taking credit..

To so-so softball players..
I t s a g a m e
To good players..
I t s l i f e

S o f t b a ll «--
[×Mii` Antidrug×]

Made it..
Take it..

I remember thinking, "One day, it'll work."
Not even reazling, you were a total jerk
I'll never forget the memories that we shared
And all the times you acted like you cared
I'll always have feelings for you, there's nothing I can do
But now, I can try and say
I'm over you.

*100% By Me =] ...Take It If You Want*

x0_Kell <3
I wish you were here
To get me through the day
Somehow you always know
The right things to say
You've been gone for four days
But it seems like forever
I wish you were here
To get me through the stormy weather
Just one more day, and you'll be back
Maybe then, everything won't seem so whack...

*Me =] Take It If Ya Feel Me :P

x0_Kell <3
×Wanna kno3 wat Tru3 lov3`s about×
×It` feels so0 good u`ll wanna×
×o×- J u m p & S h o u t -×o×
×I know how true lov3 feels×
×B.c I know our lov3 is r3al×

Lines up in arial size 8..

Made it..
Tak3 it..

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