Quotes added on Wednesday, October 6 2004

`I wanted e.v.e.r.y.t.h.i.n.g to be +p+e+r+f+e+c+t...
y-.o-.u-. messed it up f0r *m*e*e* `
Maybe its not love,
but it's close enough for me
I'm fallin way too fast,
it's close enough to see

Cuz he makes me feel beautiful,
always numba 1
To him I'm an angel,
the light from the sun

So pray to Lord
this soul to keep,
drink warm milk,
count some sheep,

Anything to make me
closer to sleep
Where i can always find him,
in my dreams...

not takin credit..great job kristin...sami<X3
Even tho plenty of girls
hav gotten a chance to
look into yur -->eyes<--
but when i did
i seen the <truth>
nothing but cheats
and ...*Lies*...

sami...<X3 100 %mine im me if yu wnna chat
life is like a .:*Dance*:.
you learn as you go...

sami <X3
39.) by Babii_Cak3z_94 category: flirty submitted on Tue Sep 28 2004 14:26:24 PDT (48383) y’all spend h0urs
perfecting y0ur features
while I get m0re glances
r0ckin sweats & sneakers
Sorry hun... deffenitly not....

reall.. and all oragnle..

-*-WhIlE y0u AnD y0uR gUrLz ArE tRyiN tO l0oK aLl PrItTaY-*-
-*-Me AnD MuH gUrLz ArE rOcKiN SwEaT pAnTz ń HuDdY-*-

All.. ME Sammie*<3

IM me Hartbreakncutie07 Or PM me sammygurl_4_you


alright 1) hers was actually a quote
and 2) you deffinatly didnt make that quote up
I dont want to se your lips moving while you talk... i want to see them move all over mine...

This is also a flirty kinda quote but i think its kinda a love one to.. so i just put it in love.. i think its kinda funy...

100% OriGinaL!... LovE IT!... UsE it!
it hurts me more than ever when I see you walking in the halls at our school and we ignore each other I ignore u because u ignore me..and we used to be good friends most of all my good times have been with u but now I make new ones with my other friends.. Im sorry for whatever I did to lose your friendship...

for my old best friend lauren even though she will probably never see this...
I said that I was sorry..
You always told me that was enough..
I Told you.. I am giving up..
an you gave me a shove..
You told me to say good bye..
You told me --> cutting was an optian
you acted like you didnt care..
I thought you were the one always there?
Best friends forever.. now lieing isant fair
you told me it was over.. even though you know my past..
im deffently not perfect..did you forget that?
I guess... you never cared...Becasue
*BestFriends* are always there..
They always.... care.. never forget..
an are always remined of the past..
or did you forget?

* I take full credit...100% mine...* You cna use it though* if you wnat more im me @ AngelloveU77
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