Quotes added on Thursday, October 7 2004

Im not perfect
Neither is he
but together
we just may be <3

looks good when its in comic sans ms..and the together is underlined and the heart is pink..i/m me at sunshinebabii00 :-)
Can you feel my lying there
So softly next to you
Speaking slowly
Are you watching what I do
Can you see how I feel
When you hurt me
When we fight but dont mean to
And the things that come to be
Can you see the things
That I always do to make you happy
Do you realize I give my all
Can you even see
Take a harder look
At all the things you've missed
And maybe you will realize
From all the times we've kissed
The ones that mean the most to me
Is when you really mean them
And when you tell me afterwards
You love me and you'll always remember when

*sorry if its bad IM me if you need nething -screenname-~~>iloveyou14321*
Life isn't about waiting for the storm to pass...
It's about learning how to dance in the rain

I got that from my friend Alyssa so not taking credit
^^its cute in Lucida Sans Unicode size 10
*if you need nething IM me -screenname-~~>iloveyou14321*
One moment can change your life forever
[·]B.u.t. i.f. y.o.u. h.o.l.d. o.n. s.t.r.o.n.g.[·]
x.|You might be able to make it|.x
t h r o u g h t h e p a s s i n g s t o r m

*if you want colors and things for it then IM me -screenname-~~>iloveyou14321*
One of the hardest decisions
In life is knowing when
To try harder and hold on
And when to just let go*

Got this from Alyssa*
*if you need nething IM me -screenname-~~>iloveyou14321*
(Y) *have y0u ever thOught ab0ut
(*,,) s0me0ne and realized that `
(")(") u were smilinq the whole time

^^if you want colors IM me for them -screenname-~~>iloveyou14321*
One night the moon whispered... -bold & arial black
"If he makes you cry, leave him." -black arial
She replied, -bold & black arial
"Moon, would you ever leave your sky?" -black arial
Z -windings blue
<33 Around <33
htc` ( put # )
x0o --» ur name

note - make it arial 8 .. and equal
When its not workin out
leave him and see if he
comes back if he does...
it was never ment to be<3

--make it equal if u wanna in arial 8
Thanks for always being there for me
cause i dont know where i`d be without
you girls <33 ..
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