Quotes added on Monday, October 11 2004

[[ miY hEaRtt IsZ saYvEdd F4oR Y.O.u.,
s0o keeP it CloSe t00 you]]
so ~tell~ me that you [[don't]] think im ||crazy||

-kelly clarkson..a moment like this
memory is just an alternate version of reality
-->>...iF yOu CaNt GeT sOmEtHiNg oFF yOuR miNd...
ChAnCeS aRe iT's [S.u.P.p.O.s.E.d] To Be ThEre...
::.its hard to ignore the past
when it holds the best memories::.
ThE oNli BoI WhO {DeSeRvEs} 2 HaVe yOu
Is ThE OnE wHo thInkz he {-DoEsnT-}
i dont mean to sound like a tease
... but...

Could you undo my zipper please? ;-)
i caught a falling star .Ľ┤
and wished on it..... `Ľ
and my wish came tru *
my wish was you*..
i love the way u look at me!
the way ur eyes just sink into mine..
its like we interttwine!!
the way ur smile makes me week!
the way my heart begins to sink!
i would give my life for u boy!
so dont make that mistake of usin me like a toy!!
i bought a shirt at some store
i bought a small and then i wore it-it was all good
but then i washed it-and nothing was good
it shrunk a whole size
it was a small -its now an xtra small
so i wore it anyway
the boys liked it..1 good thing
but then i washed it again because i spilled vegetable oil from cooking dinner last night for my family
so now u can imagine wat size it was
but now there was nothing left of it
...oh well i'll wear it anyway!

100% original
if i can only see you in my dreams,
then i'll sleep f o r e v e r

cl0se2perf3ct...AIM sn
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