Quotes added on Wednesday, October 13 2004

Sometimes it's hard for me to sleep
And I never know what to do - - -»
I always catch myself holding onto
My pillow ; Wishing it was you` <3

^ Lines up in Arial, Size 8

Enjoy <3
*ok you kno the poem i last put in

im not sad of what we
* A r E *
im sad of what we cant
* B e N o M o R e *

well i chaned the Are to were
take a look

im not sad of what we
Im sad of what we cant
* be no more *

tell wich one is better.. im me @ xDippenDotzx

People die everyday,
But does anyone really care.
Tears roll down my face,
Cause I know you're not there.

I can't forget,
I'm all alone.
Your voice saying,
please, please drive me home.

I can't, I'm tired,
I can't, it's late.
Maybe it's God's evil trick,
Maybe it was fate.

I got the call,
About 3 A.M.
And the voice said,
I'll never see you again.

You fell asleep,
Ran off the road.
My heart can't believe,
My heart won't let go.

I cry at your grave,
I cry everywhere.
My life can't be saved,
And I really don't care.

It's like I can see,
But I'm blind.
Boy, I can't get you,
Out of my mind.

It's like I can see,
But I'm blind.
Boy, I can't get us,
Out of my mind.

use it i dont care
from both of us!!!

ur eyes are closed for the most wonderful things in life..............
and sleeping
the hardest thingin life is to see someone u love love someone else
i wish i knew
all the things i put u threw.
u cryed and i agnored u,
u smiled and i adored u.
one thing i dint now,
was that ur love was true.
and i just made the biggest mistake of my life,
with breaking up with u.
we both have been through it once before,
like in a fun house we opened the wrong door,
somthiing was thrown at us that we didnt deserve,
it feels like we hit the curb,
Have you got dumped by someone you loved?
Have you been pushed down or shoved?
As we have figured it dosent feel very good,
it dosent feel like love should,
To prevent me from hurting you in anyway,
Just do me a favor and walk away.
dont you ever wish you could just
tell a guy to kiss you rite there
n then... or pull him in and kiss
him... ! ...just do it you mite be
suprised by what happens... u will
neva kno what mite end up happening
if you dont... <33
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