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When the power of love leaves you just remember.. you can always count on me to love you.

Take if you want
Love is like war... easy to start but hard to end

Take if you want
You left my side. You said we would be together for ever. You said you loved me and didnt want to hurt me. But now your saying good bye.. IS this the end?

X o HooVer 16x
Its a damn cold night. Tryin to figure out this life. Wont you take me by the hand take me somewhere new. I dont know who you are. But im with you

Avril Lavigne

Take if you want
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*-.-* I *-.-*
*-.-* L *-.-*
 *-.-* O *-.-*
*-.-* V *-.-* 
 *-.-* E *-.-* 
    *-.-* Y *-.-* 
      *-.-* O *-.-* 
        *-.-* U *-.-* 

if you want to add someones name just do the things i did or make up your own designs.. Take if you want to!!

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       `..take chances...tell the truth...date someone totally wrong for you....say no...spend all your money...fall in love...get to know someone random...be random...say I love you...sing out loud..laugh at stupid jokes...cry...tell someone how much they mean to you....laugh till your stomach hurts...have fun in life!

Made by me

Take if you want

X o HooVer 16x
Sometimes things are so bad around here. My family,teachers or friends are nagging on me, taking up my time and expecting me to do things for them. I need someplace to be alone if only for a few minutes. I found a place its beautiful and quiet. No one bothers me there. Closing my eyes I see a beach. The air is clear and warm. Waves lap onto the shore,smoothing out the sand. With a long stick,I write all the problems from which i need to escape. A large wave washes everything away. As I see the sand become smooth again, I feel lighter. I realize theres nothing really I cant handle. Opening my eyes I feel calm and refreshed. Things dont seem so bad after all. A little time alone can make all the difference

X o HooVer 16x
Made by me Take if u please
*BoRn 2 TAsE*
(`*. (`*.*) .* )
*TaUgHt 2 PLeAZe*

X o HooVer 16x
bOoTay ShAkIn
HeArT bReAkn
PrEtTy HoT
NeVa StOp
AnGaL bAbY
SpOiLeD mAyBe
wIt nO bOOty
GlOssY liPs
SpaRklIn EYeZ
LeaViN aLl
Da FeLLoWs
BaNgiN' Hot
OnE of A KiNd
GoT All Da
FeLlAz sAyiN
DaMn ShEz

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Somwhere behind the athlete you have become, and the hours of practice, and the coaches who pushed you, and the teammates who believed in you, and the fans who cheered for you- -is the little girl who stepped over the white chalk for the very first time- the one who fell in love with the game, and never looked back"

*Softball is Life*

Made by my friend.. DO NOT take credit 4 this

X o HooVer 16x
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