Quotes added on Friday, October 15 2004

This Magical
experience has been
worth risking my h<art a|| the way

sami...100% mine take and Abuse
i HaTe CoPyCaTs...

I'm getting lil' tired of ur broken promises </3
'->To The World You Are Just One Person, But To One Person You Could Mean The World<-'
*nice pants.. may i test the zipper?*
<------When we laugh or we cry it's together------>
/*/*/Through the rain and the stormiest weather\*\*\
.:We gon still be as one it's forever, it's forever:.

When You Fall In Love With A Friend.. Your Friendship Has Been Set On Fire
*Love Is Friendship Set On Fire*
If u were my homework i would be doin u on the kitchen table right now!!

i kno its old but i still like it

TaKe It!! blondebabi039
i aint never been the barbie doll type,
no i cant swig tht sweet champagen id rather drink beer all night
in a tavern or in a hoonkey or a 4 wheel dirive tailgate,
ive got poster on my wall of syknard, kid and starit,
some people look down on me but i dont give a reck,
cause i satand bare footed on my own front lawn with a baby on my hip
~~Cause im aredneck woman~~
The Best Thing About My Life Is Knowing That Your In It!!!
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