Quotes added on Sunday, October 17 2004

girl eating alot, girl beside her: wow she eats a lot. (fat girl approaches) girl beside her: oh i see where the 1 eating alot gets her skill.
You know the feeling when you break
something really important?
Well it happens to everyone,and today was my day.
I tried and tried to fix it. Using words, and excuses.
It didn't work, it usually never does.So I gave up.
I broke the most important thing in everybody's life
My heart, and someone elses.

If i had a chance to be with you, i'd gladly risk it all .. </33
..Take my hand & never let go

(Tip: Underline- never
Italics- let go
if you'd like you can use it)
Quitters never win.
Winners never quit.
Twas the night to beat Yankees
and all through the nation
not a single sole was thinkin
of 85 years of domnation
Cuz this is the year
to end our bad luck
and even if it weren't
On damon on nixon manny and nomah
On v-tek on walker ortiz and millah
carry this team and end this damn curse
dont blow the game or youll leave town in a hurse
to the TRUE fans of BOSTON
get a pepsi and a cup
and say it together

(Tip: StrikeOut nomah)
every time you`re rights turn to wrongs,
just remember that life still |[ goes on ]|
the only people that you need in your life, are
the ones who prove they need you in theirs..<3

yOu tHink YeW KnOw mE..
WhaT OtHeRs TeLl U wOnT Be tRuuE

~I wanna fall asleep wrapped up in your arms, layin on a blanket under the stars, listenin to your voice as I slowly slip away from the rest of the world...
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