Quotes added on Monday, October 18 2004

[:.:] BaBy Im A m A z e d bY YoU [:.:]

sOft KisSes`LiGhT tOUcH
wHat We ImaGiNe iS twwo
mUCh..RemEmBER lAdIEzz`
tHey Dun CarE`sO clOsE`
yOUr EyES..tURN oUt DA
lIght and Let YoUr*
DreAms Take You
A w A y x3

. .
. .My oH mY Oh mY bo00. .

Made By AlL me (c) DolLz CreatIon

p.s-im graduating this year and we are starting our yearbook...i need a cute or funny quote...if u could email them 2 me at BaBiiDoLl823@yahoo.com
Point to, and be like, yeah...thats the one
ur my only h o p e __XoX

its cute with a bright pink
background with black
lettering and all bold letters
u kno ur n love when all it takes
is 1 song on the radio 2 make u think
of him n the next thing u kno
u have tears runnin down ur face
Brittany Marie
this ones for you babe<3

best friends forever never seen it coming
we had some messed up nights
always stupid fights but girl our friendship
is better than ever

I <3 you so much
sChOoL iS dA bEsT eVeN i'M 6 yEaRs Old

mario kid143 screen name for AIM chat wit me!
<(*_*)> @%#%#^$&$^$^T#%@!$$$$$$$$$$$$$$!$!#$@Q%@%^+_)(*&^%$#@!~!@#$%^&*()))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))^
xo - RelatiOnshipS might come
to an end...but fri3ndship
will always be there - ox
>> iM OuTtA HeRe! <<
leave one for laduR
..or text it..


--make it arial size 8
-- put ">>" in wingdings

k- kEwL
A- atletic
t- tUfF hAhAiM bUfF :)
I- iN lOvE
e- efEnNNN hAhAh

my bffe!!!!!!!!!!!!! xhotpink4xo
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