Quotes added on Tuesday, October 19 2004

Whatever you want I got it, whatever
you need that's me. ` Feeling the flow
don't stop it. Whatever you n e e d I'll
be. Whatever you want I got it. ____

Whatever you want -Christina Milian

Made by me. Dont steal! Please credit.
__Can't you see I'm away?
I dont put up away msgs 4
NOTHIN! _________ Leave 1

Please credit & don't steal!
There's always that one person
That will always have your heart
You'll never see it coming
Cause you're blinded from the start
Know that you're that one for me
It's clear for everyone to see
Ooh baby ooh you'll always be my boo

Usher & Alicia Keys -My Boo
It started when we were younger, you were mine my boo
Now another brother's taking over, but its still in
your eyes my boo, even though we used to argue it's
alright, I know we haven't seen each other, in awhile
but you will always be my boo| My boo Usher & Alicia.

Credit and dont steal!
*~>>i know that its all over now and you found someone new,
but i just cant help the fact that im still in love with you<<~*

<3 i just want things to go back to the way they used to be.
when it was YoU -n- Me.... i miss you
i wanna be da *1* gurl
dat putz ur head in
a »«whirl»« -n- when ur
wit ya boyz u be
lyke Ayo, there she iz..
dass ma> b a b i g U r L
I shoudln't kneed 2 be dressed in
-n- live in a
To get ya attention..
Everytime i c couplez
fighten -n- breakin up....
i just am thankfull
that we didn't do that yet.
Just as long as i have u
i dont kneed nething else
x*cept you
When were tlakin we seem like a couple,
but when my friendz betend 2 break us up
nd* u say idc she wud b sadder than i wud be...
i get mad nd* spend daiz thinking does he
reli love me?
^^ dedicated
This is how i feel.. i never asked
you for your opinion or advise, but
you knoe tha feeling when ur on a
rollercoaster nd* it feels too high?
i alwayz have that feeling when i am by u
nd* i studder b/c i am happy 2 c u but you
just have that tone in ur voice that makes
me feel like u dont [»love me«]
When we hug
I never wanna let go!
i feel safe, i feel protected
nd* no 1 can touch me..
but when we let go it
feels like every 1 can say nd do
w.e they want 2 me
ur gone one dai nd* it feels like tha

all of these xcept 1 r mine i made them a couple r true!
Suddenly my life doesnt seem such a waste.
It all revolves arround *YOU*
*CG ES. 4 Eva* <3

Put in Arial 8.
waste- italics
YOU- Bold and Underlined

if used- heart is bold and the < is italics
--> at School .. Cellular device it upp (*ur # here*)
<3 *name* <3
a thoughtful guy once told me...

"Just because someone is not in your life anymore, doesn't mean the memories aren't in your heart"
ur love ((surrounds)) me
ur making my heart beat ~~~faster and faster~~~
with all of ur love for me
i'm feeling lightheaded
ur love ((surrounds)) me
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