Quotes added on Saturday, October 23 2004

puts on her m a k e - u p the same
as y e s t e r d a i i but everything has
_ `everyone
see`s who
ii appear to
be . but only
a few know
the real me
Not all scars show
Not all wounds heal
sometimes you can't always see
the pain someone feels
givin him the best of me...x3
* dreamin * of you makes my nights
worth while just thinkin
of you makes me constantly *smile*
palm trees - the ocean breeze
salty air - sunkissed hair
e N d L e S s Summer
Take me there . . .
* i WeNt FrOm DiApEr$ 2 ThOnGz
FrUm AbC's To DeM DiSrE$pEkTfUl $onG$
i WeNt 4rUm PuPpy LoV 2 Da ReaL ThAnG
4rUm Da FakE LiL GiRl JeWlReY To ThA BlInG BLiNg I WeNt 4RuM DaDdY'$ LiL PRiNcE$$ To Hi$ QWeEn
4RuM DaT SkInNy LiL GiRl To Da FiNeSt MaMi u EvAh $eEn
i'll close my eyes .. let the [ whole ] thing pass
me By, there is no time to waste.. asking why
i`ll run away with you*..by my side ;; i need to
let go of this pride, yea // i think about ur face
&how i fall into your eyes,I dont need to solve
this case and I dont n e e d to look behind`[..
i'm nOt cOmpLete unLeSs
yOur by my siDe CausS
theRe iS nO ONe ii wOulD
RatHer Be with thaN yOu
yU liGht Up a roOm w/ Ur
smile,make me laUgh wen
i'm in Denial
Lckin lolly pops

(MIKYmouse OR someones elses name will u go out with me)
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