Quotes added on Sunday, October 24 2004

no oNe is ---. p E r F e C t .
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ ___     :
    un till yu ---. f A l L .
    _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _     :
  love ya ray --- in love with them
      _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ ___

thanks to my buddy jess..
no credit taken
((jess loves chad.. by the way.. not ray lol..)) though i'd add that
YoU ((HuGgEd)) mE
tHeN HiT iT n ThA B a
C k
YoU sAiD .:. I KnO u LikE It .:.
tHeN I >>SmIlEd<< n :-GigGlEd-:

100% orginal.. made by me... looks cute in Tahoma size 8 bold.
i hate that i love you
i hate that i care
i hate that i spend my nights wishing you were here
i hate all your girlfriends and even you ex's
because your just like every other guy "whos next"
and i hate it when you say you love me
cause i know you dont and it breaks my heart
i hate it when you look at me,
i hate it when you cross my mind,
i hate it when our song comes on
or when i think about a good time we had
i hate you, i hate her
i hate me for doing what i did
i hate everything..
Would you just leave me alone,
Give me some time to my own,
All you do it tear me apart,
Talking about her breaks my heart,
Why cant you see that i have more to offer then her,
Why did you tell me you loved me,
When you really dont,
Why did you say things,
That were never really true,
Now everything thing you do,
brings me down to me knees,
im begging you please,
take me as i am,
I want you to love me again,
Tell me that you want to be with me,
I never want to be free,
I Dont care if i cant flirt,
Or if i can do a few things that i wanna do here and there,
I just want you to care,
Give me another chance,
I can be so much more,
Id change for you
we were wannabe rebebls
that didnt have a clue
in our rock and roll
t-shirts and typically
bad attitudes. had no
excuses for the things
that were done, we were
brave we were crazy we
were mostly young <3

white background
black text
pink/comic sans ms heart
(.:*(Gd dd* prms dys (.:*(
)*:.)whu p lughr whu)*:.)
(.:*(srrw r su whu r (.:*(
)*:.)Bu Gd dd prms srgh )*:.)
(.:*(fr h dy, cmfr fr h (.:*(
)*:.)rs d lgh fr he wy )*:.)
(.:*(Ad fr ll wh blv Hs(.:*(
)*:.)Kgdm f Lve H )*:.)
)*:.) swers her fh )*:.)
)*:.)wh pece frm bve. )*:.)

I love this quote!!

* make the whole thing Arial size 12
*make the colors dark pink writing with a bright yellow background OR Aqua writing with a blue background both look super cute
YoU t/E/A/s/E mE
LyKe U ThInk I DuNt C.a.R.e
bUt ((InSiDe)) uR kIlLin mE
wHeN yOu SaY....
JuSt P l A y I n G
wIt U B<a<B<i<i

:+: UsE It.. AbUsE It :+:

IM Me 4 more
|[Dream]| and as you dream remember that only you can
make your dreams come true.. |[Reach]| + As you reach
remember success takes time, devotion' and sometimes
a little heartbreak.. |[Believe]| & As you believe you will `
find reaching gets easier & life becomes more meaning-
full and there's a wonderful dream waiting just for you ;
I know you can make it come true. - Renee Duval

^ Lines up in Arial, Size 8

Enjoy <3
Life is a waste of time, time is a waste of life so get wasted all the time and have the time of your life.
i <3 him
does he no
do i cross his mind
stuff happend b tween us
we havent talked in a long time
i think bout him alot x3
memz* of me n him is all i G* 0* T*
i <3 love you
i hope you kno who you are -_-
its kinda obvious

nicole H. . . . . . . .
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