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"People say that Love is giving someone the ability to destroy you, but trusting them not to.
If you really love me tell me what I want to hear, but those other words are what I fear.
If you really love me, would you stand by my side?
Would you care for me? Be there for me? Be there when I cry?
Don't tell me you love me when you have someone else on your mind.
Don't tell me you want me when you have someone else by your side.
I really don't wanna hear it, because you'll break my heart.
Don't try to fix what is broken. Don't even start.
If you didn't notice...I'm In love with you."
No you don't know what it's like
When nothing feels all right
You don't know what it's like
To be like me
To be hurt
To feel lost
To be left out in the dark
To be kicked when you're down
To feel like you've been pushed around
To be on the edge of breaking down
With no one's there to save you
No you don't know what it's like
Welcome to my life

-simple plan Welcome to my Life gooood song!!!
Deck the Halls with gasoline
Light a macth and watch it gleam
Arent u glad i played with matches?
NOW our school is down in ashes

:piF i SeD yA aDa SeXi BoDy.....WuD yA hOlD iT aGaInSt mE?;)
...x...(k)mAkE yA mOvE iF yA wAnT dOeSnT mEaN i WiLl Or WoNt(k)...x...
i want a guy who will come up behind me
and wrap hys arms around my waist
jus to ((sUrpriSe)) me, and whisPer in my ear
' b a b y i m i s s e d y o u!! '

my eyes have stopped searching
'cause my heart has found
exactly what it was looking for. x3

I always wonder what
crosses your mind when
ur eyes meet `--» mine

last night i decided to write u a letter
and all that was on the paper was
" n ss!w ! " it didnt make sence til l i
turned the paper -> upside d o w n

everyniqht i think aBout l|[ w h a t ]|l i
ever did to deserve someone like you
But then i realize i didnt do anythinq.. i j/
·´¯`·­» qot very luCky «­·´¯`·

Lying in bed / tearS falling down my face
Praying to god that our love wont faddee
Away, cause its okay.. we can work it
Out because with you i cant live
And these words i need to say its to you

i wAnna tell yOu whAt i`M [fEeling]
-->>buT i dOn`t knOw whEre to stArt
*i wAnna tell yOu thAt *i.LoVe.YoU*
buT i`M afrAid yOu`ll
::brEak my heArt::

f i had nothinq in the world`but [ you ]
i wud still have -- everythinq ii wanted
nd as much as i hate it`'i kno itz true<3
thea`z nobody that qetz me lyk you do

and id give up forever to touch u cas
i know that you'd feel me somehow,ur
tha closest 2 h e a v e n that ill ever b
nd i dun wana go home`' rite now x3*

iM sTaRiNg aT yOuR pHoToGrApH
ReMeMbErInG eAcH mOmEnT yOu mAdE mE LaUgH
i NeVeR tHoUgHt tHiS wOuLd eNd ThIs WaY
ThAt iD sTiLL bE mISSiNg YoU
*..tO tHiS vErY dAy..*
I've finally found someone who knocks me Off my feet-He's the only one who makes me feel complete. It started out just talking, we started out as friends..it's funny how from simple things, the best things can begin....

Lifes not about waitin for the storm to pass, its about learnin to dance in the rain

Not mine...
take it..
430,391 Deaths each year are caused by toilet related accidents. Don't rush me, I'm gonna take my time. Better safe than sorry. Slow and steady wins the race...

IM me for more.....barbiegir8719
I'm an angel I live in the sky if u want to get with me u better bow down so get on ur knees and call an angel b/c baby believe me i'm the worlds finest. So what what u gotta do and leave a message but don't stress it if i don't get back to u b/c i'm like a butterfly pretty to see and hard to catch...if ur one of my boys or one of my girls definitly leave one and i'll get back to u but if ur one of my haters don't even bother b/c I got my own attitude I don't need ur thanx

IM me for more barbiegirl8719
_ /\_ ¸.·¤**¤·.¸,.·¤**¤·.
\ / Guys r like **STARS**.·¤**¤·
/.·*·.\¸.·¤**¤·.Even if theres a million,.·¤**¤·.
¸.·¤**¤·.Only one will make your dreams come true....·¤**¤·.
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