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[[1]] Its The Way U loOk At Me
[[4]] Its The Way U hOld An KiSs mE
[[3]] iTs juSt The Way Itll AlwAyz Be

ilu D.e.e.j.a.y u fill the empty s p a c e s in my heart

put yer bf/guy u like's name instead of deejay...hope u like...dnt claim as yer own

When I Say...

When I say "I don't need you"
I know that I do
You've always stood by me
You're the one that's been true

When I say "Go away"
I'm screaming "Don't leave"
I've pushed you to the side
Yet it's you that I need

When I say "I'm alright"
I'm whispering "I'm scared"
There's so much going on
I know that you'd care

When I say "I'll fix it later"
Today may be my last
No one's promised another breath
I need to fix this fast

When I say "Just forget about me"
I'm hoping you don't
The friendship we used to have
That's what I really want

And when I say "I'm sorry"
I hope that you'll see
I really do mean it
Will you please forgive me?

By:Amber (sn:CrZyLiLbLoNdE05)
**I wrote this myself about my best friend Meg. Please don't take the credit.
-We're all a little weird and life's a little weird also
in addition, when we find someonw who's weirdness is compatable
to ours..we join up wiht them and fall into a mutually satisfying wierdness
and call it [(T.r.U.e L.o.V.e)]

-..and something must be right about us being together..because if it wasnt
i wouldnt feel the way i do..when all you do it ((look at me))

-everytime i look into your eyes, i cant describe how i feel..but i dont want to
loose that chance for `you and me`..so im finalluy gonna get over myself and say `i love you`
-theres nothing sweeter than ..Boy meets Girls..
to complete strangers coming together in their own lil world

-your the reason i smile, just thought i would say `thanx`

-you know that place between spleep and awake?..when your still dreaming?
that's where i'll be, always thinking of you. [(Peter Pan)]

-i cant promise that i.ll never hurt you..but i can promise that i.ll never mean to

-the sweet is `never` as seweet without the `sour`
its the things in common that make relationships enjoyable..
but is the differences that make them interesting ((iLy))
when one loves somebody, everything is clear.
Where to go, what to do..it all takes care of itself
and one doesnt have to ask anybody about anything

i looked at you a thousand itmes, but this time when i looked at you
there was something new..how could i have been so blind?
there are so many things i want to say to you..but i cant. i'm afraid of what you might say..but would you even listen..
I'm ((tired)) of being alone
So hurry up and get h.e.r.e....
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