Quotes added on Sunday, October 31 2004

sorry for all the butterflie's i`ve
been gettin (i swear) it`s not my
faUlt --/> { xOx } --/> [[ it*s His ]]
((Doubt me, Hate me))
You're the inspiration I need
My life, my body, my pride
You have .no. say
My life, my body, my pride
You have .no. say
Facing what consumes you is the !only! way to be free.

Facing What Consumes You--Hatebreed*
I wanna be b a d
You make bad look so g o o d
I got things on my mind
I n e v e r thought I would
I, I wanna be bad (bad)
You make bad feel so good
I'm losing ~all~ my cool
I'm about to break the rules
I, I wanna be bad..*

i wanna be bad by willa ford
I'm a nightmare, a *disaster*
That's what they a l w a y s say
I'm a lost cause, not a hero
But I'll make it on my own
I've gotta prove them -wrong-
Me against the world
It's me -against- the world

me against the world by simple plan
In a x perfect x world
This could never happen
In a perfect world
You’d still be here
And it makes no sense
I could just pick up the p i e c e s
But to you
This means nothing
((Nothing)) at all

perfect world by simple plan
ThErE's AlWaYs ThAt PeRsOn ThAt WiLl AlWaYs HaVe YoUr HeArT....yOu NeVeR sEe It CoMiNg CuZ yOuR bLiNdEd FrOm ThE StArT...kNoW tHaT yOu'Re OnE fOr Me It'S cLeAr FoR eVeRyOnE tO sEe OoH bAbY, yOu WiLl AlWaYs Be My BoO * <3

usher n alicia keys

my boo

im me -- > emmy2292
theres always that one person that no matter what they do 2 u or what they say 2 u, n no matter how many times they hurt u u just cant let them go <3

love sucks

im me at emmy2992
well if you wanted h o n e s t y
that's all you had to s a y _*_

im not ok i promise by my chemical romance
iM n o t okay (( i promise ))

by my chemical romance
You always seem to disappoint me, It's kinda like
our running joke, Except, Its really not funny..<3

im me -emmy2292
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