Quotes added on Monday, November 1 2004

``d yA e\/@ f33L l!k bR3@kiiN dWn
//--d yA evA f33L uT@ pL@cE--\\
'.'.lIk sM hW u jU$t dNt b3lNg.'.'
[[ N kN 1 uNd@sT@nd$ yO ]]
ii love yOu . . </3
i`LL bE rItE bAcK ...
dOnT mIsS mE tO mUch ;)
xo [[ ur name ]] ox
Lovinqq y0o was soO P-e-r-f-e-c-t </3 .. What happenD ?
But I ask, if I think not, am I not? I think not. Don't you think?
I'm not here right now and I regret to say that due to unforseen circumstances, later has been cancelled
Anything in parenthesis can (not) be ignored.
The statement below is True.

The statement above is False.

Which statement is correct?
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