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\ \ \_ tRu R3NzZ dOnTt $t@nD b~$!dEz Oo w3nN tH!nG$ geT h@rD _ / / /
{{-dEy cArR oO b/cUzZ oO noO lOnG3R hAv3 dAh $tR3NgTh tOo goO oN-}}
:+:--A circle iz round--:+:
((it has no end))
\\_ datZ how long I wanA b ur bEzT friend_//

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mY g
mY gO
mY gOo
mY gOoD
mY gOoDi
mY gOoDiE
mY gOoDiEs
mY gOoDiE
mY gOoDi
mY gOoD
mY gOo
mY gO
mY g
<3- Take your records, take your freedom
take your memories, I dont neeD them*take
your space & take your reasons..*but you'lL
think of me... {yOu know who yOu are_<3}

[for an ex that you still kinda have feelings for]

font: Trebuchet MS [8]
colour: medium pink
background: black
extras: bold "records" "think of me" & the two *
italics "freedom" & "space"

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*yOu`re abOut tO exit `yOur reaLity*
. . anD enTer `my fantaSy . .
ii`LL shOw yOu [maaaaGic]
<3- Don't bite off more than you can chew
There's things down here the devil himself
wouldnt do * Just remember when you let
it all go, what happens down in MeXic0...
* staYz iNn meXico.. * --Toby Keith

font: Trebuchet MS [8]
colour: black
background: hot pink
extras: 5 spaces after "--Toby Keith"
bold "devil" "MeXic0" "staYz iNn meXico" and the 3 *
italics "more" "alL" & "down"

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~*A kiss is a kiss, till you find the one you love...a hug is just a hug till its the one ur thinkin of..a dream is just a dream till u make it come true..love is just a word till its proven to u*~

i HeArT y o u ..*
Can you keep a secret?
You're still in my heart
I think about you all the time
Especially now that we're apart

Can you keep a secret?
I want you more & more
I know you're happy with her
To your heart you've closed the door

Can you keep a secret?
I needed you so much
You were so big a part of me
I melt at your very touch

Can you keep a secret?
I want you back, you belong with me
I don't know why you're with her
She's completely fake... you'll see

[for that ex you just can't seem to let go even tho he's got someone else]

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<3..Some people come into our lives and quickly go.
Some people move our souls to dance. They awaken
us to new understanding with the passing whisper
of their wisdom. Some people make the sky more
beautiful to gaze upon. They stay in our lives for a
while, leave footprints on our hearts, && we are
never, ever the same. {to my friends, i love you all}

font: Trebuchet MS [8]
colour: dark blue
background: periwinkle
extras: 3 spaces after "more" 2 spaces after "are"
bold "whisper" & "sky"

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