Quotes added on Sunday, November 7 2004

sum1 2 laugh with, perhaps 2 shed some tears
A person whos been with u all through the years
Sum1 2 shelter u from days that r cold.
A shoulder 2 lean on, a wamr hand 2 hold.
An arm 2 catch u if u slip and u fall
and an ear 4 ur problems whenever u call.
sum1 2 share ur giggles and ur screams
a person 2 share ur giggles and ur screams
A person 2 tell all ur scerets and dreams.
sum1 2 hug when ur happy or sad
2 just b there in good times or bad
and A person with whom u dont have 2 pretend

luv is like a plant, if u take care of it, it grows, if u dont, it dies
luv is like a pet, if u take care of it, it gets stronger, if u dont, it gets weaker.
im 2 busy 2 care what u r reading rite now
Grasping into thin air,
we reach but cannot touch
things we wish wud go away
things that hurt 2 much

Why do we face such tough times
while others go unscathed
Where do we find a shelter
When it rains on our parade

Life will give us roses
but every petal falls
Leaving joy and sadness
from the memories we recall

So if times our greatest treasure
And love is all we need
Let's give each other all we have
Nothing else is guaranteed

for some, life lasts a short while, but the memories it holds forever.
if we dont change, we dont grow. and if were not growing then we're not really living
the real mistake is the one from which we laern nothing
My hopes r so high that ur kiss mite kill me, so won't u kill me so i die happy?

~ Dashboard Confessional

looks cute with the background blakc and the words white and in bold and Italic and maybe underlined
Life is 10 percent what u make it adn 90 percent how u take it
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