Quotes added on Tuesday, November 9 2004

luv is like a plant, if u take care of it, it grows, if u dont it dies.
::My Superman::
You came down and swept me off my feet
Just a smile from you is enough to melt my heart
your always there for me no matter what
you never leave my side or stray
i think it's safe for me to say I have the best damn boyfriend

i love you deejay

::its not good but i wanted to write something about my boyfriend::

IM me for more....sxygurlie436
use it

we always said nothing could separate us
we had our little fights buts its ight
we always made it better
we laughed with eachother and had sleepovers together
told eachother our deepest darkest secrets
and ill never forget the time we stole from the store
and i yelled its in my pocket
i learened so much for you good and bad
and i know you wouldnt want me to be sad
but you left me that one night
you came to sleep over
at first everything was alright
then you were gone
you left us at 2:05 am
why couldnt they tell before you had passed that you had
a brain tumor? why is my question for everything
but i hold my head up high and try hard not to cry
now i know why we said we could be sisters for eturnity
because life isnt always that long
Rest In Peace Ashley

I love you and miss you

::Ashley Nichole Pierce May-11-1989 / April-3-2004::
"Do or do not...there is no try."~Yoda from Star Wars
A black eye and a broken arm will heel? But how do you mend a broken spirit?
"I know that only God can judge me."~Good Charlotte
ii dOnt miss him,ii miss what we had
fOrget all the times yOu made me happy
fOrget all the times yOu made me smile
fOrget all the times yOu made me sad
fOrget all the times yOu made me cry
cuz all we have left are memOries we cant fOrget
my name ain't elmo but u can tickle me n e wayz
You make me wanna
La La in the kitchen on the floor
i'll be your french maid
when I meet you at the door.
I'm like an alley cat
drink the milk up I want more.
You make me wanna,
you make me wanna scream.
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