Quotes added on Thursday, November 11 2004

thOse whO sai that sunshine bringsz happiness have never danced in the rain:-)
eVeRytImE i C u nO MaTtA hOw hArD i TrY
i CaNt FiGhT tHeSe *cRaZy* BuTteRfLyZ <3

lOoKs gOoD iN cOmIc SaNs siZe NiNe In BlAck

x0x0 Savanna x0x0

im Me foa more SiMpLySwEeT28x
She paints her nails black.
He always wears a tie.
She'll never smile;
and He'll never cry.
Sometimes when I feel lost..
I look around for you..
Sometimes.. I freak out..
Don't know what to do..
Sometimes I take a glance up at the night sky..
Think of the times.. u played out ur heart for me..
those summer nights...<3 always me..
mOve On frOm tha sad thingsz
let it gO
be yOurself
live it up
but mOst Of all..
lOve like yOOve never been hurt, cuz if yOO hOld back yOOr emOtiOnsz yOOl never really lOve again

1oo% Original

lOOksz cute in tahoma size 8 black.. put lOve(bOth Of them) and hurt in pink
SoMeTiMes You HaVe to LeT Go of SoMeThiNg ThAt OnCe MaDe You SmiLe
BeCauSe You KnoW ThAt NoW, it WiLL OnLy MaKe You Cry...

i made it up, use but dont take credit!

love ya lots,
<3 KaTiE
he like you but he is just using me for a cover-up !

heheheheh manda i love you so f***ing much !!
use but dunt abuse !
~*~!Babi Your Like McDonalds Im Lovin It!~*~

use but dunt abuse
*)You and me we're a miracle
(*Meant to be and nothing can change it
*)Mountains move. . .and oceans part
(*When they are standing in our way
*)Angels stand watching over . . . . .
(*And heaven shines upon us everyday
bOiS wiLl bE tOyS
giRlS wiLl bE pEaRlS
pUt tHEm tOgEtHEr,aNd
yOuLl hAvE a cOuPlE<3

use but dunt abuse!<3x0x0
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