Quotes added on Sunday, November 14 2004

you've been there for me thick and thin.
so many times i dont know where to begin...
I'll lylas till the end..
going on all those shopping trips when we have absoulutely no money to spend.
the million sleep overs we had
laying in bed telling gossip good or bad
u guys are allways there for me when im feeling sad..
so many good times girls;and guys..i wish this year would never end.
xoxo.gotta*represtent eb.ah.aw.mp.lc.ly.xoxoxoxo
s0 yOuR tHe Bi***
tHat t0Ld Th3 Bi***
tHAt iM a Bi***
w3Ll liSt3n Bi***
iT tAkX a Bi***
t0 Kn0 a Bi***
*Only reTarDs look at othr ppl's Away Messages! =)

put the>> reTarDs << part in bold
*i DuN knoW boUt chALl bUt i kNo bOut
uS n itZ thA oNlii wAy We RoCk*
and you dont want to be here
in the future. so you say the
presents just a pleasant
interruption to the past

im me for the edits..
x blondy99 x
* S o m e b o d y hit the LIGHTS *
** So we rock a l l day and NIGHT **
***P3opL3 g3ttin d o w n thats right***
**** from A.M to P.M ****
tHey'Re p|aYin bAskEtBaLl.. wE l0ve dAt baSketBal|
nOw bAskEtbAll Is my Fav. SPort i Love Da wAy dEy
dRibBlE uP n dOWn Da Court, i KEeP it So frEsh On
dA mIcrOphOne i LikE nO iNTerRupTioNs wHen dA gAme
iS On.
u kNo dIs SHiAt dUn gO rOunD mUCh
bUt WHen It dO aLl i KnoW iS dAt mE
n mii gIrls aRe goNnA whOop yA bUtT
[]D [] []\/[] []D

G'on brush ya shouldaz off

Ladies~ put in a cursive-type font and make it sorta big
Pimp~ put in color pink
Too G'on brush ya shouldaz off~black in a cute font

-*me n TrishA did thiszz

~tHe tHrEE aMigOz
Do you ever feel like breaking down?
Do you ever feel out of place?
Like somehow you just don't belong
And no one understands you
Do you ever wanna runaway?
Do you lock yourself in your room?
With the radio on turned up so loud
That no one hears you screaming
~Welcome to my life..
Simple Plan

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