Quotes added on Saturday, November 20 2004

you can say he's not hurting you
you can pretend he loves you
but deep down you know
he's not really yours


i love him with all i have
but the day he said "i love you too"
my h e a r t s t o p p e d


I saw him from -across- the hall
and my head s t u t t e r e d love
but when he realized i was there
...Cupid forgot to show...

Onlii yOu-<3yOu steel my...
heart wiith Out even tryiin
xOoxii lOve yOu sO muchxOox

Made by me<3
yOu can use
it all u want
im me for more
*When You Can't Fall Alseep
Late At Night
It's Because You Are In Someone's Dreams*

100% made by me for you to use
Best friends are the people
that have to put you back
together when your a total
Your so hypnotic on my heart <3.*

Font: Arial 8
Font Color: Black
Window Color: White
Bold Nd Make Pink: hypnotic
Underline: heart
when ii'm wiith yOu iit`sz liike everythiinq
iis Okay suddenly ii fOrget abOut my __`'*
prOblemsz and nOthiinq gOes wrOnq xO
ii dOn`t knOw what iit iis abOut yu but
what ii dO knOw iis ii`m ->never<- ever
lettiinq __________ qo*

lines up in arial 8

I made it tell me what you think

If he says he
<*Loves*> You
Wait b'cuz it might
Not Be <*True*>
I'm open and I'm {(bleeding)}
All over your *->brand new rug<-*
And I need someone to (~help me~)
So you come along
I (-push you away-)
Then xkick and screamx for you to .:.stay.:.

Wounded- Good Charlotte
All I want is love from you . Give me your hand
to hold onto & if tears fill your eyes listen to my
music its no surprise I don't want to be famous
in life, I don`t want to be famous in the world, ii
just want to be famous, (famous) I want to be`
famous in your heart ` oh, I know the wind is
gonna blow & in the winter there`s sure to be '
Snow, but with the warmth of your smile & the
sun of your face ; shine on me in the darkness
with your love + grace & if time hides my eyes'
listen to my music + recognize I don't want to b
famous in life - I don't want to be famous in the
world ' I just want to be famous in your heart +
if time hides my eyes listen to my music and <3
recognize. - Vertical Horizon

^-- Lines up in Arial, Size 8

Enjoy <3
im not conceited .. im just super awesome!
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