Quotes added on Saturday, November 20 2004

i feel like a cotton ball full of haay.
.. <-- wow, two dots!
i have nothing to put here
instant message me at x3 d asH BOAR d for some more quotes. <3

okay okay this quote isnt exactly FUNNY but what else was i gonnna put it under?!
i LOVE you..

haha how basic .. for a love quote.
I 'l[( L i k e )]l' You..
B'cuZ 'L o v e' Just ;'
Hasn't Come To Me..`
// Y e t </3 \\

lines up in Cosmic Sans MS size 8 <3
*We were so close yet so far away

your leg unknowingly,
Brushes against mine,
Its more than enough,
To send chills down my spine,

Eyes lock,
Cant look away,
I see you standing there,
And my thoughts begin to stray,

But i hold it all in,
And pretend i dont care,
I close my eyes,
As my hopes burst in thin air,

Because in your eyes,
I see no emotion,
Nothing real,
And no devotion....

Ive sacraficed it all,
Put everything on the line,
But always in the end,
I could never call you mine,

I try and pretend that it doesnt effect me everytime you turn your back and walk away, but im tired of pretending and it effects me in the worst kind of way.

Totally original and im proud so use it but plz dont call it your own *IM me if you like it or think its good
>i (w ii s h) <
I wIsh iT cOuld be me
n`D i wiSh it cOuld be y o u
t0getHer tIl tHe e n d of tiMe
n`D i wiSh y0o wOuld bE fOreVer mIne
y 0 o aRe thE 0nlIi One fOr m e
mY OnlIi wiSh iS fOr uS tO l a S t
i wIsh i cOulD saVe eVerY m o m e n t
eveRy mOment iM wiTh y 0 o
sO tO maKe uS laSt
teLl me wHat i cAn d o
i wiSh tHat wHen i haVe a b a d day
i cOuld cRawl iNto yOo're aRms
tO heAr tHat eveRythinq will bE o k a y
n`d wHen eveRythinq iS q r e a t
n`D nOthinq's q0inq w r 0 n q
i waNt tO sHaRe eVerY l a u q h
n`d eVeRy s m i l e
wIth yOo, n`D oNly yOo

|d|e|d|i|c|a|t|e|d| to H i M

``KelSie . . i wROte it bUt feeL fRee To taKe it
Time for my S-p-d class!
be back afta 7
EyE nEvEr KnEw ThIs WoUlD hUrT sO bAd..
eYe NeVeR kNeW iD bE ThIs SaD..
NoW aLL i Do Is ThInK aBoUt yOu..
WhY dId I hAvE tO hUrT yOu So BaD..
Ur ThE bEsT tHiNg ThAtS hApPeNeD tO mE..
iM sOrRy aNd I rEgReT eVeRyThInG i EvEr SaID To HiM..
CaUsE uR aLL i WaNT..
WoUlD yOu GiVe Me A sEcOnD cHaNcE?

^i screwed up...i still love you matt.
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