Quotes added on Monday, November 22 2004

if there ever comes a day
that we can`t be together
keep me iin your heart
ill stay there f o r e v e r

`editz: font is verdana, size 8, 75%, normal. just bold forever. hehe, it`s winnie da pooh. :)
( i miss you) xo.
And i dont want to go to sleep,
because im sick of seeing you
iin my dreams every night
*dediicated* --> (so much*) x3

You * wrapped your hands tight around
my heart ;; and squeezed it full of pain

ii`m l0viinq -»eVerythiinq«-
hiis l0vabLe pers0naliity
Hiis CuTe Liil' c0mment`sz
the way he makez me Smiile
'nd tHe waii He kn0wsz h0w
to qet to maH heart «3 «3
eX'oOh- *b/f's name* *Date*

use them iif yOu wOuld liike<3
dont say u love cuz i found out u dont
wut u did when we just broke ^ is such pain
how could u move on just like that
and 4get me all the way?
we loved each other, cuz i told u and then
u prove u did 2, but i guess not enough
2 hold 2 me as i haev 2 u!
Fate fell short this time
you're smile fades in the
summer-->>place your hand
in mine.i`ll leave when i


xOx Becca

IM me: xOxin this diary
things to do if your mad at somone

1) *draw a stick figure on your hand and whenever that person trys to talk to u say talk to bob and hold your hand up
I waz a F.O.O.L. 4 believing U
But... i did & dat waz my mistake
I really cared about U
I even thought i L.O.V.E.D. u
Come to find out...
U were nothing but a F.A.K.E.
U hurt me like no one else could
I?m gonna try to move on
I know i should
B.U.T. no matter how much i try
To forget you
I?ll alwayz care about U
N.O. matter what...
Even tho u did me W.R.O.N.G.
And mad me look D.U.M.B.
U?ll still be da one i?m thinking of...
There?s something in u that keeps me attached
What it is...
I D.O.N.?T. know
But somehow i?ve gotta let U go
It?s not gonna be easy
But i know i H.A.V.E. to do this
I just want u to know...
We will never part
U?ll always have a piece of my heart
| |[bErIghTBac]|
dOiin sUnthIn -*-*-
-*-*- >> cEll iiT ! (yUr dIgItz)
hiru eu si du fug if djsi shudfuo
If I eVeR gOt Da ChAnCe
To TeLl U hOw MuCh U mEaN tO mE...
i?D nEvEr GeT dA cHaNcE tO S.T.O.P.
I`m jUst a LittLe SeXxii
B\\rEakI//n all The rULezZ
i gOt sTyyLe n cLaSs
n eVen dEm *jEwLs*
bUt ii jUsT nEed a mAn
tOo mAKe iT aLL cOmPlEte
sOmEdAy i`ll fInd hIm
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