Quotes added on Tuesday, November 23 2004

ScHoOl... just knowin that you'll be there makes wakin up at 6 am and goin to school w o r t h i t

**Italicize and underline worth it
My heart has been shattered before. But I put it back together. Some of the pieces I just couldnt replace anymore. That is why I am handing over my heart to you. Hoping that you can replace those pieces. For some reason when you look at me all those pieces just fall together. I still cant figure out how you do this to me. How you make me feel it's still cluelessto me. I dont expect much out of you. All I really want is to have you near. What i wish for is to respell perfect couple and have the letters that spell out -you n me - within the words.
*TiReD oF cRyInG*
*SiCk Of TrYiNg*
*Ya, I'm SmIlInG*
*BuT iNsIdE i'M dYiNg'//_
--»*tHeY sAy LoViiNq yOu iiS mY BiGGEST miiStAkE ...
bUt hOw cAn iiT bE sO wRoNg iiF iiT fEeLs sO » RiiGhT ?*
iiF ii EvEr mAdE a MiiStAkE ^ iiTs nOt tHaT ii LoVeD yOu
iiTs tHiiNkiiNq tHaT sOmEdAy // yOu`Ll lOvE mE tOo x3

iiM mE iiF yOU waNnA
bOySz r tOySz 69
x0x0x i am in l0ve with y0u ... x3
y0u set me free «--
i can`t d0 this thinq called ""life"" with0ut y0u here with \\ me ..

im me if u wanna
boysz r toysz 69
ii wAs wOnDeRiiNq . . . wHaT sHe hAs* tHaT i dOn`T ¿
.. tHaT gAvE yOu A rEaSoN tO bReAk // mY hEaRt «3 ..

im me if u wanna
boysz r toysz 69
I __MiSs__ThE WaY__ We__ UsE__To__ Be
ThE__FeElInGs__I__HaVe__WiLL__ReMaiN__LoCkEd__In__My__HeArT. [ x3 ]

iiM mE iiF yOu WaNnA :)
bOySz r tOySz 69
its funny how clear
your eyes get from crying
its funny how clear our
lives get from dying

mah friend. had this in her pr0fiile & ii like it..

x.._//3 Samii
you told me you loved me
its your fault y0u lied
its my fault i believed -> y0u<-

x.._//.3/ Samii [[ this one is mine ]] [[ take & abuse ]]

& it all begins to un fold -[ just a sayin i like ]
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