Quotes added on Wednesday, November 24 2004

i see forver in your eyes. i can see heaven in your smile
and when i hold you closely i dont wanna let you go b/c
deep in my heart i know your the only one i see your love
means everything to me , even if we part you`ll always
be near..here in my heart

Looking back as i went away,i saw her face and it made me realize how much we had,we were there for each other since the age of 3 and i had to leave her n all our dreams... we had our life plans n said we would always b best friends, but as the time for me to leave came closer things didnt feel the same... it was 4 am n we said our good byes i went n hugged her not wanting to let go, i whispered i love u n we will always b best friends, then the tears came rolling down our cheeks as we un wrapped our arms...i got in the car n we pulled away it hurt me so bad to c her cry, my heart ached n i wish she were with me now, but i will never forget the day we had to say goodbye! It will always hurt n make me wanna die just the thought of not being by her side! Best friends we will always b even though it wont b the same. I love u forever n will never forget the day i left or the day we met!
-` i juss |[wanna]| lOve yOu bAbY... `-

Love n yOu- make the "oh" comic stanz.
font- impact
backround color=black
i juss love you baby- white
|[ wanna ]| -light pink!

sry if it doesnt look cute!

* us iit-- don`t abuse iit
Let's start over...

-Blink 182
In life I've found out lots
And as near as I can tell
You have to take the shots
And things aren't always well

No matter where you turn
Some things are hard to see
One thing that I've learned
Hatred only brings misery

What's the point of trying
When you've got nothing to gain
I know as I sit here crying
Only people who love feel pain

When everyone around you
Sits and tells you what you do
Sometimes you wonder aloud
Maybe what they say is true

Seems the worst pain's left unspoken
Silently coming up behind
When all love is made to be broken
And nothing's what it is in the light
I Love You More
I love you more than life itself
For life in itself is worthless
Without someone with which to share
The beauty of life's purpose

I love you more than you can know
You've helped more than you can imagine
I once was lonely, now I see
That miracles still happen

I love you more for who you are
Than what you can or will be
Whenever I am feeling empty
You come along and fill me

I love you more than happiness
For my happiness comes from you
For so long I waited for someone
And now my wish has come true

I love you more with each passing day
More than anyone before
The lies flow like water,
The hate pours out like rain,
Fear and confusion settle in,
Joy's been all but slain.

Lured me into your web,
Baited me into your trap,
Disoriented and confused,
Like being lost without a map.

I see you walking by,
Your face that I despise,
I'd rather be beaten with the truth,
Than tortured by your lies.

The things you couldn't tell me,
Were the things I always knew,
And even though you said they weren't,
I knew that they were true.

Now it's in the past,
And you've probably forgot,
But I will never let it go,
I've come too far to stop.

One day you will pay,
For all the pain that you have caused,
Right now you may think that you've won,
You haven't; you have lost.

I Love You More




Confessions of a Liar

all titles of poems i just submitted

i made them all up so don't claim them as yur own
99% devil
1% angel or
maybe 100% devil
-->The hardest battle you're ever gunna fight
...is the battle to just be you... <--
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