Quotes added on Thursday, November 25 2004

best 2 worst,
worst 2 best
if there's something wrong we can't rest
always there for each other
we're sisters but we got friends that are brothers
worst 2 best
best 2 worst
all I know is
When we broke ^, i thought i lost everything!
When we broke ^, u got another girl!
When we broke ^, u 4got about me!
When we broke ^, u didnt care 4 me!
I was hurt, badly!
But then ic ame 2 recognized,
I was OK w/o u,
cuz i got friends who care 4 me,
unlike u!
and i got friends who love me,
unlike u!
if u speak softly and carry a big long stick then......
No one will attch u
- I love the way yOu loOk at me -
- I lOve the way yOu talk tO me -
x3 I love every little thing you do
I love -yOu- it`d be great if only u
xO` l o v 3 d m e t o O .__x33


lines up in times
new roman size 8

xO` J a c q u e l ii n e M a r ii e . . .
boys are like fIsH..u almost hav them...but then they slip away

edits fish in bold
slip in bold adn away in bold but diff color than slip

xoxo meghan
whenever i see you mii`
heart just m e l t s
i can`t stand it` Ox
i need you with me
i love you babii`


xO` J a c k ii e
its ok to be angry
and never let go
it only gets harder
the more that you
i blindly put my whole heart
in HiS hands..all he gave me
back were jagged PiEcEs

hope you like it
100% me
its early in the morning so its probably not that good
use it if you <3 it
|}*(ThIs lIl cUtIe gUnNa BlOw Ya mInD...
u gonna have to
s t o p | pause | rewind

sOrRy...tHOuGht iT wAs cUte!...

eMaiL me!...spacleyatmb30927@aol.com!
When I look to the sky ...
Something tells me you're hear with me <3
You make everything alright...
And when I feel like I'm lost, something tells me you're hear with me
I can always find my way when you are here
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