Quotes added on Friday, November 26 2004

theres aLways that one persOn that wiLL aLways have yOur heart
yOuLL never see it cOminq cause yOur bLinded frOm the start
knO that yOur the one fOr me its cLear for everyOne to sEE
OOh baby oooH ->>yOu wiLL aLways be my boO<<-
My Boo By:Usher featuring Alicia Keys

UsHeR iS aWeSoMe!!!
..Just when i thought no one loved me and everything was wrong and i was ready to give up you walked in my life..<3

I no its stupid but it my first :)
*I made it so dont take credit

-Do you see me standing here and if you do tell me Do i have a smile on my face or tears in my eyes. Tell me now. you act like i dont care but i do..you act like i dont love you but i do. So why,are you playin these little head games i really dont understand because what i tell you i tell you from my heart and you dont believe me. you dont even trust me and sometimes i dont think you love me and it tarein me apart inside..you sit there and tell your friends i am cheating on you but i think of the same things to is this real or is it just another game. you say you cant trust me well i cant trust you either you say you love me but do you really..so what do we have no please come on tell me. cuz i no i love you with eveyrthing i ever got..so tell me now do i have a smile on my face or tears in my eyes.

okay i tried but its 3:30am and i cant sleep so its probably not that good
..Took pieces from different quotes and some of its mine so i'm not takin full credit..

Kay <3
i'll never do anything to hurt you i just aint like that i roll wid u threw da good and da bad and when i say i promise i'll be there i will becuz i dont make promises i cant fulfill and when i say i love i really do ..<3

..Not takin credit

Kay <3
she looks at her arms ow so soggy barm like a tear she flushes the toilet and then dies
if i d0n't like hiim then why d0ez it [ hurt ]
s0o- bad t0 see him wiith s0me0ne else?

*A kIsS iS jUsT a KiSs UnTiL iT's
WiTh ThE oNe YoU lOvE*A hUg Is
JuSt A hUg UnTiL iT's FrOm ThE oNe
YoU'vE bEeN tHiNkInG oF*A dReAm
Is JuSt A dReAm UnTiL yOu MaKe It
CoMe TrUe*LoVe Is JuSt A wOrD
uNtiL It'S pRoVeN tO yOu*

wHaT iF`- -? yOu LoVe sOmOnE..
wHaT iF`- -? yOu tHoUqHt tHeY fElT tHe sAmE.. wHaT iF`- -? yOu aSkEd tHeM wHo tHeY LoVeD.. wHaT iF?- -' iT wAsN`T yOuR nAmE?

*SuM1 sHoUlD sUe {DiSnEy}
FoR {pUtTiN} tHe ThOuGhTs
In LiL gUrLz {HeAdZ} ThAt
{EvErYoNe} HaS a PrInCe ChArMiNg
N lIvEs {HaPpIlY} eVeR aFtEr*
..tHis Is HoW iTs DoNe..
..My sTyLe: IdEnTiCaL 2 NoNe..

x.O. HeS CuTe, sMaRt aNd ReaLLy FuNniE .O.x
o.X. He mAkEs eVerY cLOuDy dAy o sO SuNnY .X.o
X.o. He LoVeS Me sO MuCh hE TeLLs Me dAy tO DaY .o.X
O.x. ItS So pErFeCt, CuZ I FeEL tHe sAmE WaY .X.o
X.o. We aRe AlWaYz tOgEtHa aNd NEVER EVER FigHt .o.X.
O.x.O, YoU MiTe KnOw HiM, hiS NaMe iS Mr.RiGhT.X.O.

PrEtTy iN [pInK]
BeAuTiFuL iN [bLuE]
GoRgEoUs iN [gReEn]
aNd a LiL [sExY] tOo
iT dUn MaTtA wUt CoLoRz oR sTyLeZ i rOcK]
CuZ u HaTaZ wILL nEvA hAvE wUt [i GoT]
I wish you hadn't kissed me - When you walked me to the door
I wish you hadn't held my hand - And made me want you more
I wish you hadn't whispered - All those sweet things in my ear
I wish you hadn't stroked my hair - Or hugged and held me near
I wish you hadn't smiled - When I opened up my eyes
I wish your touch had not erased all your little lies
I wish there were no little things - Reminding me of you
i WiSh MeMoRiEs WoUlD nOt MaKe Me FeEl ThE wAy I dO
I wish I didn't know that if you called i'd run right over
I wish I could be strong and smart - And give you the cold shoulder
I wish you would have treated me - Like just another girl
Then the nights I spent with you - Would feel like what they were
I wish I hadn't fallen hard - I knew you weren't for real
But I just can't help the way - That being with you made me feel
I wish I wouldn't wake up sad - And know I've dreamt of you
I wish I could get through a day - and never think of you
I wish I could forget - How you took away my fears
I wish I only thought of When you didn't wipe away my tears
I wish that you had been the guy - I hoped that you would be
I wish i could get over you - Like you got over me
I wish that I could see you - For the person that you are
But the heart won't ever listen - Or grant wishes on a star
And I wish that all these wishes -Were full of honesty
But truth be told
I wish that you would just come back to me
You are Never given the ability to wish without getting
The ability to make it come true.. «- (|[ Mickey Mouse ]|)
[X] If you l()()k at me C.l.o.s.e.l.Y [X]
[X] You will )see( it in my E.y.e.S [X]
[X] This G.i.r.L will always ' FiNd ' [X]
[X] ..... | H | E | R | | W | A | Y | ..... [X]

* -:¦:-.•:*¨°• everyone is on this earth for sum reason
¸.• . •´")) ׺ to touch the heart of sumone specail
((¸¸.•´..•´ ")) -:¦: sum stay for a day, some for 100 years...
-:¦:- ((¸¸.•´ *-°~°-* your here for a reason,
(¨`•.•´¨) (¨`•.•´¨) »¦« »¦« never let go...
`•.¸(¨`•.•´¨)¸.•´ -<>- your worth more than you know....
× ×`•.¸.•´ * -:¦:-.•:*¨°•.¸.• * -:¦:-
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