Quotes added on Friday, November 26 2004

our love is like the wind.....you can't see it but its always their...

dedicated to the one i luv **hugh**
*alyssa* u can use it
( Y ) x.*)
( '.' ) / .:*
(''')("') *:.
oO mAkiN jAwZ dRop sInCe september 26th , 1991Oo

put ur own birthday in there
hope it worked

*Summer Break*
where u drink [triple]
see [double] and act [single]
_\/_ _\/_
/o\\ \ / //o\
| .---. |
_|____ -- / \ -- __|__
SuMmEr 05'
You stink so bad you made Right Guard turn left, Speed Stick slow down, Secret obvious, and Sure confused.

~*If A gUy TeLlZ u 2 SuCk It TuRn ArOuNd AnD sMiLe, AnD tHeN tElL hIm It Is DaNgErOuS 2 pUt SmAlL oBjEcTs In Yo MoUtH!!*

We had gay burglars the other night. They broke in and rearranged the furniture.

..JeALoUsY iS a TeRrIbLe DiSeAsE...
...GeT WeLL sOoN B*TcH...

when i have a kid ima put him in on of those strollers for twins then run round the mall frantic

if i were god i'd make the world square!

hope u like um use em dont abuse em
im me for more: fhnbsktballchk11
I never knew there were only
10 million ways to love somebody

~Julie x3x3
sometimes i wish that i was a bong hit
you'd let me in and love every minute
and tell the room the things i did to you.

we might be laughin a bit too loud
but that never hurt no one.
Girls.. *jn.sd.tr.wd.*
-put YOUR girlfriends-

when i'm in your arms nothing else seems to matter, my whole world could shatter, i don't care.

For Love i'd do anything.*
but for you, i do more_*_*

My love for you is so timeless it's deeper
 than the depth of emotion and everyday goes by,
I'm finding The reasons that i love you more and more
-Just once i wanna be the one your thinking of..the one that takes your `breath` away..you were all the things i thought i knew..but just for once i dont wanna be the one left -standing- / a l o n e \ .. i wanna be the one *safe* in the arms of <3.L.o.v.e.<3

xOo* * <33- - -,
the feelings that i have for you
i just can`t eXplain - i swear
you`re [ a L L ] i`ll e.v.e.r neeD
that won`t e.v.e.r c h a n g e
'- - - .. i love you!!!! ;-)

-Lines up in arial (size 8)..
put your boyfriends name in tha
top line between tha stars..
looks rly cute..-
dRoP It LiKe itS
Roses are red
Violets are blue
When i met you
I knew we were true
Ive loved you since then
And ill love you forever
As long as your not
My heartbreaker
So here is a deal
Ill seal it with a kiss
Ill be forever yours
So dont forget this

^^made it up a long long time ago
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