Quotes added on Saturday, November 27 2004

'do youu ever feel lyke breakin down..
do you ever feel outta place lyke how
you just dont belong and no one under-
stands you.. do you ever wanna run
away..do you ever wanna lock yourself
in your room with the radio turned up so
loud that nobody hears you screamin',
no, youu dont kno whut its like to be me'
welcome to my life
School is cool and your a fool so sit on a stool in the pool n drool cuz school is cool.... < Not really > School Stinks.. School is for looserzz..

^ 100% Original..
< Breaking up only means that one day you will be back together >
< Breaking up only means that you will one day c each other again >
< Breaking up only mean that one day you will hold each othe again >
< but what ppl don't kno is breaking up means that you belong to the person you broke up with >
You want to know something pathetic yet funny, You actually taking the time to read my extremely boring message. (thats the pathetic part).the funny part is that I'm sitting in front of the computer screen ...laughing
Love Sucksssssssssssssss
around the house ... watching a movie or sumthin
be back later on today <33 much love <3 ( yur name )
        D EEEEEEEEEE V                V  IIIIIII   L
        D E           V              V      I      L
        D E            V            V       I      L
        D E             V          V        I      L
        D EEEEEEEEEE     V        V         I      L
DDDDDDDDD E               V      V          I      L
D       D E                V    V           I      L
D       D E                 V  V            I      L
D       D E                  V           IIIIIIII  LLLLLLLLLL
-:|:-I sEe yOuR TrUe CoLoRs ShInInG ThRoUgH-:|:- -:|:-I sEe YoUr TrUe CoLoRs-:|:- -:|:-AnD tHaTs WhY i LoVe YoU-:|:-
wanna be-((`v))-ur chick i wan`vna bedown-for you-
i love the way my fingers (`v) just fall into yours,
i love how your taste `v still lingers on my lips
after that })i({ special goodnight kiss, })i({ i love how
whenever i . go to call someone i `. automatically
dial your `. number, i love how . you look at me
with (`v) those gorgeous eyes and then you smile
that `v sweet smile.. and i know right there, that
you will always be mine.. (_.) i love how you hug
me with the (`._) intention of never letting go.. i
love })i({ you more than words could })i({ ever show
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