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lv a good 1.
or call my cell #The number here

Your name*
*Friends`they come and they go*
But the ones that stay`are the ones that
L *
O *
W * * *

G * *
L *
O *
Friends are like *D i a m o n d s*

Lucky to have them*-
Hard to find them*-
Shoot for the moon
Even if you miss
You'll still land among
The *S t a r s*
Catch `a falling*star
and put it in your pocket*-
N e v e r let it F a d e'
* SeXxii . SwEet . n vEry WiLd
*bOii` why dOnt yU cOme n sTay aWhiLe`
*thiSz bRunNetTe bAbi qOt iiT aLL
*nD` hEr lOoKsZ-bOi thEy cAn mAKe u fall
*SoO qOo aHeAd` nD mAke yA mOve...
*...dOeSnt`mEan ii wiL oR wOn`t
*yUr `nAmE*

IM em for more!
Ill be your friend,
stay by your side,
contradict you,
make you laugh or teary eyed,
Ill spark you,
help you sleep,
bring dreams,
you'll forever keep,
Ill warm you,
keep you kindled,
dazzle you,
till the storms have dwindled,
Ill be you friend,
your frind till the end!!
<33`_wOw 3 *mOnthSz `n iiT fEeLsz Liike JuSt yEstErdAy
ii sAw yOo fOr thE fiiRst TiiMe` ii dOn`t knOw hOw yOo_
dOo iiT bUt <3 eveRy`tiime ii sEe yOo ... ii
[ f a l l i n l o v e ]
all oVer AgAiin ...*[OoX]*JoSh < - - yUr bOiz nAme

IM me for more - ShOrTiEXx221

bOi`i*m siCk Of pLayin theSe qAmeS y cAn*t u sEe
[ i w a n t s o m e t h i n g r e a l ]
nOt jUst mEsSin `rOundd wiiT yU bAbii jUs qimie
[ a r e l a t i o n s h i p ]
x. </3 .x

use it if you like it!
IM me for more! ShOrTiEXx221
[OoX]*FeLiCiA PaIqE!
bOii iff yOo rEaLLyy x.3 cArE x.3
LiikE yOo sAy yOo dOo thEn u*ll
tHat ii nEed sOmethiiNg ::r::e::a::l:: `[OoX]

sry not that q0od .. h0pe u like it ne ways!
use it it// dont abuse itt

<33`F e L i C i A!
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