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~*Hope can only go as high as ones dream flow...*~

x3 made that one up all my self hope u like itx3

You can im me @ NoMoreDamNDraMa3

x33 LiZz
.:dEaR sAnTa:.

*-->... lEt Me ExPlAiN ...<--*

sAw It On A t-ShIrT *nD tHoUgHt It WaS cUtE

One song can spark a moment, one flower can wake a dream, one tree can start a forest, one bird can herald spring, one smile begins a friendship, one handclasp lifts a soul, one star can guide a ship at sea, one word can frame the goal, one vote can change a nation, one sunbeam lights a room, one candle wipes out darkness, one laugh can conquer gloom, one step must start each journey, one word must start each prayer, one hope will rise our spirits, one touch can show you care, one voice can speak with wisdom, one heart can know what's true, one life can make a difference, you see, its up to you
i can be y0ur TiiNkErBeLL
U cAn be My PeTeR pAn
N wE cAn RuN aWaY t0geThEr
t0 NeVeR nEvEr LaNd

I wAs MaKiN my LiSt & i chEcKEd it tWiCE
& iN thE middLe Of it alL ..i goT tEaRs iN my EyEs
cuz yOu sEe ..oN my LiSt thERe iS oNli oNe LiNE
thE giFt i wANt thE mOSt thiS yEaR
iS foR hiM 2 bE MiNe

i DoN't HaVe fAiRy qOdMoTheRs LiKe CiNdErElLa
[ i DiDn'T WiSh UpOn a StAr LiKe sHe DiD EiThEr ]
i DidN't dRiNk a MaGiC p0ti0n LiKe sHrEk & i DidN't
qEt tHrEe WiShEs FrOm a GeNiE in A BoTtLe LiKe
AlAdIn, bUt s0mEh0w AlL My WiShEs CaMe TrUe
JuSt LiKe A fAiRyTaLe bUt WiTh0ut tHe MaGiC -»

- im n0t tHa kind oF gurL thats up foR cRying . ..
s0 im gUnna teLL y0u tHa tRuth and i aint Lying.
i Love y0u BayyBie with0ut dEnyiNg - bUt...
tHeRe's n0o cHance oF mE and y0u * s0 wHat's
-->> ´ .t H e p 0 i n t o F e V e N t R y i N g. . ?

iF Kis$es weRe staRs* iDe giVe y0u tHe sKy..
iF L o V e weRe teaRs - ide a L w a y s cRy
iF my heaRt weRe wateR ide give y0u the sEa
. . . aLwAys aNd f0reveR BaBy... [[y0u & mE]]
It'S HoTt
It'S sTeAmY
I'm WeT....

I'm In Da ShOwA
i LoSt MuH tEdDy BeAr,
CaN i SlEeP w/ YoU?¿?
LoCkEd Up In WaT i CaLl jAiL!¡!

aKa.... ScHoOl

Be On L8er!
Leave lotz of kisses!¡!
Luv wasnt luv till the first day i talked to you
When i found out that you and your gurl werent
going out i new it couldnt be true
it was to good to be true
but it was i loved you you were my first true love
but when i found out that you liked someone new
it made my heart cry night and day
and day and night
you werent just the one i loved
you were my friend my hommie
i felt that if something was wrong i could go to you
but then i found out that she didnt feel the same way about you i
felt that god was with me
and he new that you ment everything to me
then just now you told me that you like someone new
i felt the tears run down my face
and my heart break into pieces that cant be fixed
but baby you still mean everything to me
Im LoSt CaN I gO tO YoUr pLacE


I Lost muh # can i have yours?¿?
I'm Swedish-American.because I'm so Damn Sweet!

A quote that me and Brad made up during class

100% made by me for you to use!
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