Quotes added on Wednesday, December 8 2004

bAbii i jUsT dOnT gEt iT..
dO yOu eNjOy bEiNg hUrT?
i kNoW yOu sMeLL tHe pUrFuMe
aNd tHe mAkE-uP oN HiS sHiRt
yOu dOnT BeLiEvE HiS sToRiEs
yOu kNoW tHaT tHeRe aLL LiEs
bAd aS you aRe yOu sTiCk aRoUnD
aNd i dOnT kNoW wHy
iF i wAs yO mAn bAbY yOu
nEvEr wOrRy bOuT
wHaT i dO
iD bE cOmiN hOmE
bAcK tO yOu
eVeRy NiGhT dOiN yOu RiGhT
yOuR tHe tYpE oF wOmAn
dEsErVeS gOoD tHiNgZ
FiSt FuLL oF DiAmOnDs
hAnD FuLL oF RiNgZ
bAbii yOuR a sTaR
i jUsT wAnNa sHoW yOu yOu aRe
*~**~*lUv mE fEr wHo I aM*~**~*
*~**~*nOt FeR wHo U wAnT mE tO bE*~**~*
*sAnTa BaBi*
*tha chimney*
Dear Santa,

~~~>*i can ExPlAiN*<~~~
*Champagne n Fireworks*
*BuRsT iNtO gAlOrE*
*tImE tO sAy BuH bYeZ to*
why do u treat me like this?
why do u haunt me like this?
do u have to remind me over and over again,
that were still not together?
i c u kissing him in the corner,
i c u love him 2.
y cant we just b together again,
i love u so much

im glad this hasnt happened to me yet! i love u maura!
::.i loVe tHe cOlD,fRoStY wEAThEr::bEcAuSe i lOvE wHeN yoU hOlD mE iN yOuR aRmS.::

i |know| y o u are my w.o.r.l.d because when im |without you| my w.o.r.l.d fa/lls apart
i`m in love, i`m in love, and
....i dont care who knows its

--buddy the elf--
hailie..i know you miss your mom....
nd` i kno you miss your dad..well im
tryin to giv you the life i never had..ii
i can see that your sad...even wen
you smile..even when you laugh..ii
can see it in your eyes..deep down
you wanna cry .... C>

eminem song..mockingbird
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