Quotes added on Thursday, December 9 2004

These streets, they seem so much longer now
The wind , it seems so much colder now
And Im all alone walking these streets

You, you seem so much further now
My feelings, seem to be invisible now
And Im left feeling responsible

My thoughts seem to float around
I dont know whats going on anymore
Seems everyone knows you better than me

Things are happening, leave me confused
I cant be mad at you, theres no reason
But why is this happening now

You seem to be hiding something,
I have to beg you to know now,
Never before have things been like this

And so, for one last time
Ill walk these lonley streets
wondering whats going on

And for the last time,
Ill think of you and what your doing
But always know I love you

--an original all mine use it but dont take it or ur a fakee ;)

tO hImM..<3 much looove
whats going on
sOldiEr-DestiNys ChilD

i like them boys over there they looking strong tonight
just might give on the fone tonite
homie in the dickies in my zone tonight
he dont know it might be on tonight
ohh he lookin good and he talking right
he the type that might change my life
everytime he look at me my girls be like
that one may be the one tonite

if his status aint hood i aint checkin for him he better be street if he looken at me i need a soljah that aint scared to stand up for me gotta kno to get dough and he better be street

theres this feeling inside me everyday i dont know what it is but i really wish it could go away
[[I*ve been locked inside your heart<3 shaped box for weeks]]

NiRvAnA r0x
..you hate me..
..y0u d0nt care..
..y0u dont love me..
..y0ur just you..
the first time i saw you
i forgot to breeth.
conversation between a guy and a girl

Guy: who do you like/
Girl: im not telling
Guy: come on i told you my crush
Girl: yea well this is different
guy: pleaseeee?
Girl: okay its someone in this room
guy: Codi?
guy: ben( insest!!)
Girl: nooo
Guy: mr. grenier?
Girl: no
Guy: brittany she looks like a guy!!?
girl: lol nooo
Girl: THeres only one other guy in the room
guy: i cont be me you said it would ruin our friendship
girl: i said if we went out it would ruin our friendship
not if i liked you
Guy: i dontlike you that way i like someone else, and your to good for me
girl: i know that you like someone else and i know you dont like me but one thing is for sure im not to good for you
guy: yea your cool and im not
girl: yea okay thats why i have only my tight circle of friends and thats it
guy: i didnt mean to hurt your feelings
Girl: just dont say anything to anyone okay?
Guy: okay
girl: thanks

thats what just happened to me i told my crush i liked him and thats what i got back so to everyone who has a boyfriend that you actully like keep him.
"if you love someone just say it, right then, right there, out loud, or else the moment just passes you by.."

"Take love, multiply it by infinity and take it to the depths of forever..and you still have only a glimpse of how i feel for you"

"Waiting for you is like waiting for rain in this stupid drought..useless and dissapointing"--Sam, A Cinderella Story
one word::gIrLskIcKmAjoRbuTT! Try existing without us::
Friends dont always stay by your side ..
But the ones that do are really true .. <3
[ name of friends ]
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