Quotes added on Thursday, December 9 2004

You know what really sucks is when a * good friend * of yours has asked you if you were going out with someone and you say yes b.c you are and then during they day when you in a different class they go and kiss them 3 times and they tell you straight out... then a ton of things are going on in ur boyfriends head thinking of what he should do cause he has no clue... he says to you that he isnt going to break up with you but then he goes and does it..then a day later he asks the * good friend * out and she says yes even though she knows how much you love him

this can be dedicated.....
.:Huggable:. .:Kissable:.
there`a [always] that ·one· person
that will [always] have ya x3
ya never see it comin
cuz ya ,blinded. from the |start|
knOw that yOu`re the One fOr me
it`s clear fOr everyOne tOo (see)
.. yOu will *aLwAyS* be my bOo ..

-`' Valene Michelle
This is frOm an all*time favOrite mOvie Of mine: THIRTEEN

he was crippled
but only his body was cracked
it`s not simple
nor is it an easy matter to expain
lets just leave it at that
she says
and closes the holy book of lies
she covers her eyes
denying to herself what she let happen..

-`' Valene Michelle
-]iF iT aIn`T aLl RiGhT .. iT`lL bE aLl RiGhT [-
-- my dad =-) =-P

-`' Valene Michelle
Dear Heart,
i met a boy today ..
prepare to shatter.. «||3

Dear Tummy,
Sorry for all the butterflies
i`ve been getting .. i swear ..
it`s not my fault .. it`s his !!

-`' Valene Michelle
you can't put your arms around a memory x|3
We CaN [L ii V E] like ]x]Jack [x[ `nd ]o] Sally [o[
if we want
where yOu can ·*a l w a y s*· find me
and we`ll have HallOweEn » On Christmas
and in the `n ii ght we`ll .·* wish this n.e.v.e.r ends
we`ll wish*'·. this N.E.V.E.R ends .....
tHiS mAy .N.e.V.e.R. [ S T A R T ]
We cOuLd fall \·ap·a·rt·/
`nd i`d be yOur
.·”`·m e m O r y·

unfOrtUnateLy *DeDicateD*

-`' Valene Michelle
Im blessed to have someone like you
but cursed for not knowing how to show you just how much you mean to me....
I love you... more than words can express

((not taking the credit))
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