Quotes added on Friday, December 10 2004

eVeRy gIrL wAnTs a bOy n i fOrT MyN WaS PeRcEcT..bUt tHeN 1 DaY I sAw hIs tRu sIdE N ReAlIsEd hE AiNt wOrtH It!!

just wanna let u girls no guy aint everythin..dnt let um keep brakein ur hart it herts!!
Ϊs wo Ϊ έέι...Ϊтs ңөήέsтү...Ϊтs ιovέ......Ϊтs яєάι
ι'ιl u τιιl τђә δάι τђτ ι διә ...ϋя mą ε√əячтђι..mą wσяℓδ..mą ьάүьεε вωσч
..ωот đо γεω đо ωεη đ оηlγ pεrsоη ωно сαη мαkε γεω sтоp сrγιηg ιs đ pεsrоη ωно мαđε γεω сrγ?..
ώστs мάkεup ωϊvσϋτ ล ₣ลcε? ώστs sάиd ωϊvσϋτ тhε sεά?
ώστs suи ωϊvσϋτ тhε skγ? ώστs u ωϊvσϋτ mє?!?!?!?!
ღ ○.α gΰяℓ αsќέđ α gΰφ ίf sнέ шαs pяέтту нэ sέđ ηǿ.sнэ αsќέđ нiм ίf нэ шαηтέđ нέя нэ sέđ ηǿ.sнέ αsќέđ нiм ίf sнέ ℓэfт шǿΰℓd нέ ςяy нэ sέđ ηǿ.sнέ тΰяηέd тo ℓέαџeнέ gяαвъέd нэя αям αηd sέđ uя ηoт pяέтту uя воǿтfΰℓ η I dǿηт шαηт ΰ ηέэd ΰ αηd шоΰℓdηт ςяy f ΰ ℓέfт шоΰℓd dέ○ღ
fяίέήδs я fσя έvά βσφz я шσтέvά шέή шσяsт ςσмέs тσ шσяsт мά gάℓs ςσмέ fίяsт!
Today is another day. A day that when Im older will never want again. Today I lost the one I love. The one who loved me back. The one who cared for me every minute that he could. Who loved me for me. Not for who I want to be. Who was my angel. My shining star. The one who was always there. Who saved me from crying one more tear over nothing. Who gave me love when I needed it. And who gave me his heart. Today I say goodbye to that one special person. Because, I am done with you. Done with the way you treated me. Done with the way you made me cry. Done with you not talking to me. Done with all the promises you made me. I'm done with the way you thought i was always wrong. I just want you gone
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