Quotes added on Wednesday, December 15 2004

Save your tears I'll cry my own.
LoVe ALWAYs hAs A rE*rUn__Xo
TuRn Up ThE MuSiC n*
WaTcH mE DaNcE
[WhAt Is It AbOuT hIm ThAt MaKeS mE wAnT hIm So BaD]
wHeN i BaReLy EvEn KnOw HiM
Whenever you play a sport dont act like your the best even if you were cause then you'll lose all your friends
Get a wheelchair

-bring it on
ii love when uU say--
...K i S s MeE...
and i jusS wAnNa MaKe //
`LoVvE LovEe LoVeEe`
ii [ w A n N a ] guy who will
come up from » behind « &
put his arms (( aRoUnD )) me
[ * whIspEr * ] in my ear
that he ».» LoVeS mE «.«
x0.. ii think of y0u
nd ev3rything's ..0x
`- - -» allriqht «- - -`
pPl nEvEr ReAllY ChAngE....
yOu jUsT FiNd OuT wHo ThEy ReAllY aRe <3
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