Quotes added on Friday, December 17 2004

Z Sometimes you just have to wish....
Hold ur breath and count to 10....
Think about the good times you had...
And just hold onto your dreams.......
cuz thats all u got

Put Z in font Wingdings...it should be a moon and a star

i didnt think i was getting what i wanted
then i realized what i got was all i needed

They were in love a love they knew couldnt be but they were drawn to eachother.There love kept growing stronger which in the end made it harder to let go.
~*~No one enen knows~*~
~*~She's crying inside~*~
~*~*As she gives him one last loving look she tries her~*~*
~*~*hardest not to let him see she is crying inside.~*~*
She was the only one he ever loved he ever cared for
Then why did he leave her and go off into the darkness
Thinking he was only doing what was right but when is breaking someones heart right?
He loved her so cared for her but he knew they could never be they came from different worlds he knew he couldnt offer her what she needed,but as time went by and his love grew he found it harder to let go.
~*SiNcE wHeN iS~*
~*BrEaKiNg SoMeOnEs~*
~*HeArT RiGhT?~*
                S  S
              S      S
                S  S  S               
Just the thought of saying goodbye
Just the thought brings a tear to my eyes
Just the thought of you not being with me
It breaks my heart, Can't you see?
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