Quotes added on Friday, December 17 2004

I wish that you and me would still be us,
I wish that you still liked me,
I wish that you still loved me,
I wish that you still wanted me,
But I was stupid.
I wish that I never hurt you,
I wish that I could take it all back,
But I can't so.... too bad for me,
too bad for you, and too bad for us.
it's my fault, i'll admit it
but at least i can admit i still want you.
You Are
My hopes , my dreams
everything I've ever wanted.
you are
nice, cute, popular, and not mine
and you never will be because,
you are
way out of my league
and there is nothing i can do to change that
Original*Unique*Absolutely Mine
Lost and alone in this world.
i don't b e l o n g
i dont wanna fall to pieces i just wanna sit and stare at you.. i dont wanna talk about it cuz im in love with you..*
when you hold me i find that part of me thats been missing for so long....
i dOnT kNoW wHaT tO dO
i kNoW iM sTiLL iN LoVe WiTh yOu
yOu LoVe Me bUt i LoVe HiM tOo
iM sO cOnFuSeD.. wHaT cAn i dO
yOu hUrT mE TiMeS bEfOrE
i dOnT wAnNa bE hUrT aNy mOrE
iF i sAy yEs jUsT tO yOu
pRoMiSe mE yOu wOnT hUrT mE tOo
bUt iF i LoVe yOu aNd HiM tOo
wHaT sHouLd i dO.. i dOnT wAnNa hUrT yOu
wHaT cAn i dO iF i LoVe tWo?
.. LoVe tHe FiRsT oNe tHaT sAyS i LoVe yOu ..
d0nt w0rry ab0ut my life 0r what i d0
i live life t0 the limitz thats nuttin new
if girls.gunna g0ssip at least keep
that.true because i just d0 me
and you just do yOu
YoU aLwAyS kNo HoW tO mAkE mE ..s M i L e
EvEn If YoU wErE tHe 1 WhO bRoUgHt ThE tEaRs ... It KiiNdA mAkEsz CrYiiN wOrTh WhIlE
>>the mOre yOu put me thrOugh
the mOre iit makes me wanna cOme back tO yOu<<
ii jUsT cAnT hElP mYsElF ii dOnT wAnt
nO oNe eLsE iim sO cRaZii aBoUt yOu
mY pEoPlE tElL mE yOuR nOt wOrTh iiT
bUt iiTs sO hArD tO | e X p L a I n |
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